I2C Programmable 3A Dynamic Voltage Scaling (DVS) Buck Converters

CAMPBELL, California., September 20, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — Halo Microelectronics (SSE: 688173), a manufacturer of analog and power management integrated circuits that enable low-power intelligent systems, announced the launch of its HL7593 and HL7594 devices, a family of synchronous Buck converters optimized to power various subsystems of portable applications.

The HL7593/HL7594 Series output voltage ranges from 0.600V to 1.394V in 6.25mV increments or from 0.27V to 0.6272V in 2.8125mV increments, programmed with an I2C interface. Their output voltages can be adjusted on the fly to provide a dynamic voltage scaling (DVS) function with a programmable slew rate. In addition, a wide range of output capacitors can be used to optimize VOUT Stability during load transients, and inductors from 0.33µH to 0.47µH can be used without affecting loop stability.

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For moderate to light loads, pulse frequency modulation (PFM) is used to maintain conversion efficiency with a typical non-switching quiescent current of 48µA. Even with such a low quiescent current, the HL759x maintains excellent load and line transient response. At higher loads, the system automatically switches to fixed frequency pulse width modulation (PWM) operation at 2.4MHz for minimum VOUT Residual ripple and optimal load transient response. In shutdown mode, the supply current drops below 1 µA, reducing power consumption. In addition, the PFM mode can be deactivated via the I if required2C register.

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The HL7593/HL7594 ICs are available in 15 bumps, 0.4mm pitch, 2.01mm x 1.21mm WLCSP and are ideal for application processors, memory, HDD, SDD and mobile devices.

“Our industry-leading load transient performance in these synchronous buck converters offers high efficiency while operating at a fixed frequency, reducing the value of external components, saving customers tremendous BOM costs,” he said David NamCEO of Halo Microelectronics.

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