I³R Engages With International Research Organization Serving Veterans

I³R researchers demonstrate the technology to Bravo Victor's Lou Celli and Professor Renata Gomes.

Laura Fickett

I³R researchers demonstrate the technology to Bravo Victor’s Lou Celli and Professor Renata Gomes.

The Institute for Integrative and Innovative Research hosted an executive team from an international research organization dedicated to combating blindness in military veterans.

Rana Jung, Founding Executive Director and Endowed Chair of I³R, Distinguished Professor and Extraordinary Vice-Chancellor, invited Bravo Victor London-based Chief Scientist Professor Renata Gomes and Lou Celli, Executive Director of their US office, to day-long briefings. which showcased a sampling of A’s multidisciplinary cutting-edge research, from advanced upper limb prosthetics to sensory augmentation in virtual reality.

“Over the past 150 years, the University of Arkansas has developed into one of the nation’s top public research universities,” Jung said. “We welcome our friends at Bravo Victor as we look for ways to work together to serve our nation’s veterans.”

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Bravo Victor is a scientific research collaboration that began as a research directorate for Blind Veterans UK, founded in 1915 by newspaper owner Sir Arthur Pearson. Based in London, England, Bravo Victor has worked in 22 different countries and currently works with the US Department of Defense and Veterans Affairs through their Washington, DC office.

“Collaborating with the University of Arkansas provides our researchers with a strategic advantage while strengthening our team and making us a more competitive partner for our federal and private clients,” Gomes said.

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The group received updates from I³R’s Adaptive Neural Systems Group and the U of A’s Department of Psychological Science; Disorders of rehabilitation, human resources and communication; and computer science and computer engineering. Researchers discussed collaborative projects in neuroscience; mental health including stress and anxiety, sleep, artistic engagement and well-being; artificial intelligence and virtual reality research.

I³R is committed to transformative discoveries and their translation to ensure social impact, driven by purpose.

About Bravo Victor: Bravo Victor (www.bravovictor.org) is an international scientific research organization that seeks to inspire, facilitate and focus the world’s best research scientists and visionary supporters to achieve the desired impact of Victory over Blindness. Our aim is to accelerate research and explore innovations to prevent, reduce or reverse visual impairment and related conditions and disabilities, and to help veterans and others live well with these impairments through the development of health and social care for the benefit of the public, in particular but not limited to to promote, support, conduct and distribute national and international research for practical use.

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For more information, contact Tony Piedade, Interim Head of Communications at [email protected] or +44(0)797-466-7573.


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