Hyatt Sets Sights On India’s Booming Wedding Economy

Hyatt has unveiled a new strategy to target India’s growing wedding market as young people take control of their big day.

Hyatt launches its first 'Indian Big Wedding' campaign

Hyatt launches its first ‘Indian Big Wedding’ campaign

Weddings are big business everywhere; however, now, the marriage market is growing. Fueled by a significant cultural shift that has seen couples take control of the celebrations and become the primary decision makers, there has been an increase in demand and spending on wedding celebrations across India.

Looking to capture a share of this growing market, Hyatt India has launched a new wedding campaign to target this emerging customer #PerfectlyYours.

Amritesh Bakshi, director of brand and marketing – India and Southwest Asia, Hyatt India, said, “#PerfectlyYours is a personalized offering for Indian couples who want the perfect wedding experience, that celebrates their personalities and passions.”

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Hyatt aims at the new customer, who wants help and the correct implementation of their special day, by offering services that are reserved with the aim of providing a perfect solution to the needs of each couple.

Hyatt brand’s first campaign focused on India

As part of the global hotel chain’s new strategy, it has rolled out its first India-focused campaign. The trailer, created by Animal Marketing, is a well-made, mystery film that features dialogue but a lot of action.

Sayantan Choudhury, senior partner and head of creative at Animal Marketing, said the brief and target audience were very clear. “The client wanted to create a communication that was very focused on the modern couple.”

The plan marks a paradigm shift from previous messages in this category that focused on the big wedding of the Indian family, where the whole family is represented, and the couple is one of the participants, said Choudhury.

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Hyatt wanted to showcase her role as a wedding planner, managing all the big and small details with thoughtfulness that will make your big day special. The pillars of this bespoke offering include – F&B expertise, the breadth of space and flexibility around small events as part of wedding celebrations – all of which find a place in the brand campaign and will appear in the films that will be distributed in the future.

Campaign film

Standing out in the same sea

The wedding category is a crowded place, and India is no exception. Most of the leading hotels including Taj, Oberoi, ITC, Marriott, Leela and Hyatt are focusing a lot of energy and investment in this sector which brings significant revenue and continues to show great business potential.

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However, most of the advertising in this category presents a similar look and feel, which Hyatt was determined to avoid.

Choudhury says the plan was to communicate how Hyatt cares for today’s couple on their wedding day. The ad shows this by showing the hotel staff stepping into the ‘shoes’ of the customers. This tool “allowed us to quickly separate from the physical codes,” he says.

The vision was brought to life through cinematography by Bharat Sikka, who infused the film with his blend of beauty and emotion.


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