How did Amazon Prime do with its Steelers-Browns coverage?

CLEVELAND, Ohio — We break down the transmission of the Pittsburgh Steelers’ Thursday night game against the Cleveland Browns at FirstEnergy Stadium. The browns won, 29-17.

It was a different network than usual, with Amazon Prime airing the game, although the booth featured two familiar faces. Amazon Prime is paying about $1 billion per season to carry games in a multi-year deal, CNBC reported.

calling the game

Team before the game: Charissa Thompson, Tony Gonzales, Ryan Fitzpatrick and Richard Sherman. In the game: Al Michaels (game by game) Kirk Herbstreit (Analyst), Kaylee Harting (sideline reporter). Incidentally, Herbstreit will continue to name college games for ESPN.

In total

An experienced duo called a pretty solid game. Herbstreit in particular was excellent at explaining different moves and moments during the game. The graphics were clean and not dubious. A few missteps here and there.

The plot

The classic rivalry we all know only too well.


“We got ourselves a good old fashioned NFC North rivalry game,” Thompson said in pregame chat. Just one letter next to it.

new tradition

A “brand new tradition” of smashing a guitar with your opponent’s colors and logo has been featured and will likely be featured regularly for as long as there is a thing. A television moment as if created. Newly acquired Cleveland Cavalier Donovan Mitchell struck and shattered a black and gold guitar with Steelers logos on Thursday. Former Browns offensive lineman joe thomaswho was named this week among 129 modern-era nominees for the 2023 Hall of Fame class had the honor last week.

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The numbers game

• Former career Quarterback for the Steelers Ben Rothlisberger went 25-3-1 against the Browns, Fitzpatrick said in the pregame setup.

• Steelers coach Mike Tomlin has never had a losing season, Michaels noted. What should be added, however, is that Pittsburgh finished .500 three times in his 16-year reign. A graphic later flashed showing that Tomlin is one of only four head coaches not to lose a season in more than 15 seasons. the others are Tom Landry, Bill Belichick and George Halas.

• Michaels pointed to the 2017 draft pick, Brown’s defensive end Myles Garrettwent against the No. 2 pick, Mitch Trubisky, which was taken over by Chicago. (Brown’s tight end was also drafted in that first round David Njoku at #29.)

Pittsburgh Steelers wide receiver George Pickens makes a one-handed catch with Cleveland Browns cornerback Martin Emerson Jr. defending in the first half of Thursday's Steelers-Browns game.

Pittsburgh Steelers wide receiver George Pickens makes a one-handed catch with Cleveland Browns cornerback Martin Emerson Jr. defending in the first half of Thursday’s Steelers-Browns game.AP

Great catch, great shots

• Good repetitions of the incredible one-handed acrobatic catch-by George Pickensa la Odell Beckham Jr. Herbstreit noted that recipients practice this type of trapping. Parallel shots of each of their catches were later shown.

this and that

• After the network pulled out of the commercial after the Browns were 7-0 up, Hartung said the pole with a flag in one corner of the stadium was set up at the behest of the former kicker Phil Dawson as it was the best place for him to gauge the wind.

• Herbstreit was quick to explain what Brown’s quarterback is Jacoby Brissett said as he yelled, “Louie, Louie!” It was a warning to his linemen to prepare for a charge from the left – and they did. Later, Brissett yelled “Rip, rip, rip!” alerting his line to pick up a defensive rush from the right flank.

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• We’ve seen ads for Draft Kings, Las Vegas, and FanDuel. The commercial wave of the future is here now that sports betting is becoming legal. Get ready for more.

• Hartung has done one of the best part-time football reporter jobs I’ve ever seen. Intelligent stories like a good summary of the Deshaun Watson Case. She needs to slow down a bit, but the observations are sharp.

Michael’s mistake

• On a fourth and a third, Brown’s offensive lineman Jedrick Wills sank; Michaels called him Willis.

• As Brown’s linebacker Sione Takitaki was mentioned in the fourth quarter, Michaels chimed in with a second comment, arranging his name and TikTok in the same sentence before saying, “I couldn’t help it, I’m sorry.” Advice to broadcasters: If you want something If you have something funny to say, say it. If it’s not funny, don’t.

Did you catch…

… the music on a third-quarter bumper-to commercial was Funk #49 by Cleveland’s James Gang?

Should have seen this coming

The zoomed angles in slow motion during playback are called “AmaZoom”.

Game quotes

• “It started well, faded to the right like a weirdo.” – Michaels on Steelers kicker Chris Bowellmissed field goal at 5:59 in the first quarter. Wind speed was reported at 24 to 25 miles per hour. in the stadium.

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• “Brissett is in command of this offense by (Kevin) Stefanski.” – Herbstreit in the first half.

• “Kaylee, if $230 million doesn’t motivate you to do the things you need to do, then I give up.” – Michaels after Hartung summarized Watson’s suspension and what will be required of him on his return this season. Watson was suspended this year following allegations of sexual misconduct.


When the game ended with Pittsburgh’s multiple desperation game, Michaels said, “It’s the old Stanford tie game.” The famous game that dramatically ended a game between Stanford and Cal is approaching its 40th anniversary. For those who don’t know it yet, here’s the video.

Next: Sunday October 2nd

For the Browns: Cleveland (2-1) travels to Atlanta at 1 p.m. to play the Falcons

For the Steelers: Pittsburgh (1-2) hosts the New York Jets at 1 p.m

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