House Oversight Committee Chair: If George Santos broke campaign finance laws, he’ll be removed from Congress

NEW YORK – There are new developments surrounding the besieged representative George Santos.

Santos’ campaign office in Douglaston, Queens, appeared closed again Monday as new Santos videos surfaced, including one about Baruch College, the school he never attended.

“I actually went to school on a volleyball scholarship. We went to play against Harvard, Yale, and we killed them. See, I sacrificed both of my knees and got really nice knee replacements from HSS playing volleyball, that’s how serious I took the game,” he said. Saints

“I feel betrayed,” said one voter.

“One hundred percent lies,” said another.

The Democrat who lost the election to Santos, Robert Zimmerman, says that after a brutal five-way primary, he didn’t have the time or money to go after his opponent.

“Our campaign, as we were starting the general election, with no funds, no resources, was not in a position to send a team to Brazil to check his background, was not in a position to hire a genealogist to check his Jewish ancestry.” , Zimmerman said.

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At a 2019 event hosted by the conservative Walk Away Foundation, Santos urged members of the LGBTQ community to embrace Donald Trump.

“My name is Anthony Devolder,” he said. “You can help educate other trans people so they don’t have to follow the narrative that the media and Democrats present.”

Grant Lally, the Republican attorney who runs The North Shore Republican Leader, has refused to endorse Santos from the start.

“I met him in 2020 when he ran for the first time,” Lally said. “Right off the bat, we thought he was very odd and, frankly, he wasn’t a serious candidate.”

He said Santos did nothing but show off his mansions and fancy cars.

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Two years later, in 2022, he “refused to meet with us.”

Lally showed CBS2’s Jennifer McLogan documents from police in Brazil: Santos admitted to stealing and forging checks to buy expensive clothes and shoes in 2008.

Santos drew the attention of federal, state and local investigators after revealing he earned $55,000 in 2021 and loaned his campaign $705,000 in 2022.

“Where did that money go? Or was it not real?” Lally said.

“Somebody bought George Santos. The question is who bought him. It’s up to Kevin McCarthy and the Republican leadership in Congress to find out immediately.”

Our repeated calls to the offices of McCarthy and Santos were not returned.

Meanwhile, the chairman of the House Oversight Committee says if Santos has violated campaign finance laws, he will be removed from Congress.

Government accountability group is calling on the FEC to investigate, saying the Republican misused campaign funds for personal expenses.

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The group also claims Santos accepted excessive contributions and filed late disclosure forms.

Saints lied about much of his resume and life story.


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