Hot Topics in Neonatology® 2022 Conference Will Include Symposium on Benefits of Vat Pasteurization for Human Donor Milk

Oregon State University’s Dr. David Dallas will present published data showing that vessel pasteurization preserves the bioactive proteins of human milk more than ultra-high temperature and autoclave sterilization.

DUARTE, California, December 5, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — Prolacta Bioscience®The world’s leading hospital provider of 100% human milk-based nutritional products for critically ill premature infants today, PhD, of Oregon State University. David Dallas will present published data on the effects of various production methods on bioactive proteins. In donor human milk at 12:15 p.m. on Tuesday, December 6 at the Hot Topics in Neonalogy® 2022 conference in National Harbor, Maryland.

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Sponsored by Nemours Child Health, Hot Topics in Neonatology was the first neonatal conference to have attended over 1,000 neonatologists and perinatologists from around the world in over 30 years.

Dr. Dallas’ presentation will summarize data published in September in the peer-reviewed journal Boundaries in Nutrition. Paper,Structural and Functional Changes of Bioactive Proteins in Donor Human Milk Processed by In-Boat Pasteurization, Autoclave Sterilization, Ultra-High Temperature Sterilization, Freeze-thaw, and Homogenization” includes findings showing that vessel pasteurization preserves the bioactive proteins of human milk more than ultra-high-temperature (UHT) or retort

“Our findings provide information to provide babies with donor milk that is better matched to breast milk to support their growth and development,” Dallas said.

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Melinda Elliott, Prolacta and Chief Medical Officer, said, “Dr. is a practicing neonatologist. We invite the community to attend the symposium to learn more about how processing techniques affect bioactivity.”

About Human Milk-Based Nutritional Products

The major difference between cow’s milk-based and human milk-based nutritional products is the composition, specifically the bioactive components specific to human milk. These include immunoglobulins, lactoferrin, milk fat globule membrane, and a wide range of prebiotics known as human milk oligosaccharides (HMOs), which are not readily produced and are therefore greatly reduced or deficient in cow’s milk-based nutritional products.2 Bioactivity is thought to support the immunity, development, growth and long-term health of infants.3

Prolacta’s 100% human milk-based nutritional products have the highest bioactivity in the human milk Prolacta’s nutritional products are pasteurized onboard using profiles defined by the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) to ensure pathogen inactivation and the highest level of safety while preserving as much of the milk’s natural bioactivity as possible.4 Prolacta’s inboard pasteurized products have higher bioactivity than products processed using other methods, including retort sterilization and UHT processing.1,5,6

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About Prolacta Bioscience

Prolacta Bioscience® Inc. is a privately held global life sciences company dedicated to Advancing Human Milk Science® to improve the health of critically ill, premature babies. Prolacta’s 100% human milk-based nutritional products have been evaluated in more than 20 clinical trials published in peer-reviewed journals. To date, more than 80,000 premature babies worldwide have benefited from Prolacta’s nutritional products.7 Established in 1999, Prolacta is the world’s leading provider of human milk-based nutritional products for hospital use while also exploring the therapeutic potential of human milk in a wide range of diseases. Prolacta maintains the industry’s strictest quality and safety standards for screening, testing and processing of donor human milk. Operating the world’s first pharmaceutical grade human milk processing facilities, Prolacta uses vessel pasteurization and an FDA-reviewed patented manufacturing process to ensure pathogen inactivation while preserving the nutritional composition and bioactivity of its human milk-based products. Prolacta is a global company headquartered in Duarte, California and can be found online at twitterInstagram, Facebook and LinkedIn.

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