Holoportation company Proto announces expansion into Australia

January 24, 2023 – Proto Inc., a provider of life-size holographic communication solutions, recently announced its expansion into Australia with its first permanent unit on the continent. According to Proto, a robotics company TeleIn has already started using the company’s holoportation technology.

Therefore, it provides a patented hologram communication platform that connects people around the world. The company’s solutions operate in telecommunications, retail, education, marketing, sports, entertainment, arts and more. That’s why the 7′ tall ‘Proto Epic’ and table-top ‘Proto M’ solutions are already used by major brands worldwide, including KIA, which used the company’s technology at last year’s Australian Open to allow guests to interact with holographic versions of Nick’s tennis players. Kyrgios and Dylan Alcott.

Benjamin Farkas, Managing Director of TeleIn, commented on Proto’s recent expansion into Australia: “I am excited to bring Proto’s cutting-edge holoportation technology to Australia. This is an exciting extension to our existing range of telepresence technologies and complements organizations looking for a ‘whole solution’ approach to new ways of communicating.”

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Farkas continued: “I see huge potential in many sectors, including education, corporate and healthcare. This technology can connect students with educators from different places in the education sector, enabling schools to provide expertise on demand for specialist subjects, especially at a time when we have a current shortage of teaching skills. The applications benefit regional and remote schools where access to educational talent is limited.” Farkas added: “I’m really excited to see the potential impact Proto’s holoportation technology can have in Australia and how it can improve our communication and collaboration.”

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That’s why he said discussions about a pilot program were already underway in Queensland, New South Wales and Victoria, where the technology would be tested and evaluated and feedback sought for further refinement.

“Australians know better than most how geography affects you,” said David Nussbaum, inventor and CEO of Proto Hologram. “So who better to lead the way to a future where we can be wherever we need and want to be without an 18-hour flight? I’m excited to see what Benjamin, with his track record in advanced robotics, will do with our holoportation technology.”

Therefore, he noted that his partners include: Christie’s, Verizon, Walmart, Netflix, Burberry, Virgin Media 02, Spotfiy, PwC, AT&T, IWC, BT, CBS Sports and the NBA. Celebrities using Proto include Howie Mandel, Logan Paul, Paris Hilton, P. Diddy, Ellen DeGeneres, Usain Bolt, Lewis Hamilton, Manny Pacquiao, Eileen Gu and Lee Jung-Jae. Across Asia, Proto has been used by Mediacorp’s Star Awards in Singapore and has offices in Jakarta, Taipei and Seoul.

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For more information on Proto and its holoportation technology, visit the company’s website Website.

Image credit: Proto

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