Here are the 5 Best Valorant agents as of November 2022

Valorant is arguably one of the most played first-person shooters online today, and its user base continues to grow. Each agent in the game has a different set of abilities, and new agents are added to the game about once every few months. It can be difficult for beginner players to choose an agent right away in the game. So, here is the list of the 5 Best Valorant agents to equip in November 2022.

Players can outwit their rivals on the battlefield using these agent powers or abilities. Some skills are used to win battles, while others can obstruct an opponent’s view. Whether you play alone or in a team, this list of the top 5 Valorant agents will help you select the right agent.

5 best Valorant agents in November 2022


In Competitive Battles, Killjoy is considered one of the most favorite Agents of 2021. She has become a fan favorite over the past year, mainly due to her skills, which have given the Agent the ability to play well both in attack and in defence. Notably, on the offensive side, she can serve as a go-to attack player if you have her Lockdown ultimate ability equipped. This ability can shock enemies over a wide area, preventing them from defusing the spike.

2. Jett

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A big factor in Jett’s inclusion in the Valorant Top Agents list in November 2022 is that she’s definitely the fastest agent on the team. Jett can spook players with her quick movements and vertical skills, although she doesn’t have the same surprise factor that Omen and Chamber can have in their teleport. He is the attacking agent who has the advantage of eliminating opponents quickly while having enough time to flourish on the field.

3. Viper

Viper excels at using toxin-based damage to specifically target a single opponent or their entire team. Although she can be a bit difficult to understand, Viper is clearly a meta-agent. However, in order to fully utilize her skills, she needs a strong support system. Unless you know the best queues well, Viper might not be the best option if you intend to queue solo.

4. Bedroom

Currently, Chamber has a good pick rate on the majority of maps, including Breeze, and therefore included in our list of the top 5 Valorant Agents in November 2022. This is a result of his kit’s exceptional versatility and his ability to play a variety Cards. roles during a game. His ability, Rendezvous, which while within range allows him to teleport between two fixed anchors, aids his mobility. Besides that, he has the ability to call in powerful weapons like heavy handgun and sniper rifle to defeat his enemies.

5. Fade

Fade is one of the recent additions to Valorant and is preferred by most players. She and her friends have a decisive tactical advantage over their opponents thanks to her Radiant skills. Reyna and Viper are two agents who would work well together on a team. Fade can blind and deafen his comrades with skills like Prowler and Seize, giving him control over them.

This ranking of these 5 Best Valorant Agents is based on a number of variables, including Agent prevalence in competitive and casual games, their compatibility with top picks, and Riot Games’ most recent balancing adjustments.


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