Green Bay acupuncture clinic specializes in forms of Eastern medicine

Owner Eric Vandenhouten said Tuesday at WaoMirc Clinic, 521 S. Military Ave.  Poses Vandenhouten opened the Green Bay Acupuncture Clinic on Friday after studying a form of medicine 20 years ago in China.

GREEN BAY – A Green Bay native treats ailments with a combination of needles and ancient Eastern medicine at her new acupuncture clinic.

Eric Vandenhouten moved to China in 2002 and spent the next 20 years studying acupuncture before returning home. This Friday, he opens his own clinic, WaoMirc, at 521 S. Military Ave.

Acupuncturists focus not on making money but on helping others. After all, he said, he hadn’t spent 20 years learning to throw it away.

“For me, it’s more about making it comfortable for my patients,” he said.

The clinic has three assessment rooms and a large treatment area. An assessment should be done first and the treatment takes between 30 and 45 minutes. A follow-up assessment will be required after several sessions to assess changes and renew treatment if necessary.


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