Fox News Host Greg Gutfeld Has a Very Brief Moment of Vaccine Clarity

The five Host Greg Gutfeld on Tuesday advised against downplaying vaccines while praising Operation Warp Speed ​​- something that could be a big challenge for some Fox News viewers.

What turned out to be a fleeting moment of clarity on the issue came during a roundtable of Fox News moderators responding to President Joe Biden’s declaration that the COVID pandemic was “over.”

Before Gutfeld got involved, Dana Perino and Jesse Watters offered some possible reasons why some in the Biden administration have been reluctant to accept Biden’s announcement.

These officials say, “He didn’t mean it because we need money going to the colleges that we care about, they’re worried about Medicaid funds, they’re probably worried about student debt relief, because that’s what they’re worried about.” everything was based on that,” said Perino.

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Perino added that having a pre-tape reflects badly on the White House 60 minutes Interview airs without bringing Biden’s comments to the attention of those in administration dealing with COVID. In fact, it has been reported that many senior health officials have become aware of the President’s remarks on Twitter and through news reports.

Watters also claimed that “there is too much money to be made”.

“They have emergency powers that they must retain,” he said. Since a pandemic of this magnitude is essentially a once-in-a-century event, he continued, “Do you think Democrats will wait another 100 years for that to happen? You have to ride that wave!”

Gutfeld, who has suggested in the past that people should not get booster shots during a COVID surge and who has criticized his employer’s remote work policy, preceded his response to the fallout from Biden’s comment with open advice.

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“We can’t have both. We can’t hail Operation Warp Speed ​​and then laugh at the vaccines,” he said, referring to the state vaccine initiative started in the Trump administration, which the former president has frequently boasted about. “While vaccines cannot prevent COVID, they certainly reduce the severity of it. That’s what it’s for.”

From there, however, the Fox host claimed without any evidence that the disease was “most likely” man-made.

“It drives me crazy to think we did that. And “we” means humanity, and by humanity I mean American and Chinese scientists,” he said. “When you think we’re constantly being lectured by experts about climate change, about nutrition, about all these harmful things, and they went out and created something that has killed at least 7 million people worldwide.”

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Gutfeld then predicted, similar to Watters, that those in power, from whom many have acquired their “first taste of authority,” will use it for other purposes.

“This is a model for climate activists and elites who have seen how the world would obey restrictions on liberty and how that might translate to the climate scheme,” he said. “They’ve seen they can do it. You could do it again, but it won’t be about the pandemic. It’s going to be like you’ve got to limit yourself — you’ve got to shut down for a while because it reduces the carbon.”

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