Fobi AI Inc adds fashion brand Scotch & Soda to its roster of digital wallet pass clients with Passcreator by Fobi

Fobi AI (TSX-V:FOBI, ​​OTCQB:FOBIF) Inc announced that it has inked a new deal for the Passcreator by Fobi digital membership card with global fashion brand Scotch & Soda.

Scotch & Soda is distributing Passcreator by Fobi wallet passes to all customers who sign up for the Club Soda membership program. A QR code on the pass can be scanned at retail locations, allowing Scotch & Soda to capture this point-of-sale data and sync it with their CRM (Customer Relationship Management) system.

For Fobi, the deal generates revenue through an initial onboarding, training and setup fee, and monthly license fees per pass.

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“Our partnership with Passcreator by Fobi has enabled us to look beyond simply distributing membership cards through a digital wallet solution,” said Claire Boots, Scotch & Soda’s global CRM manager, in a statement. “We were able to easily integrate their tool into our ecosystem, which allows us to monitor, operate, retrieve and update individual wallet passes for members.”

With customers’ transaction data, Scotch & Soda can create customer segments and send personalized, targeted messages directly through the Wallet Pass.

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“Their solution opened up a new communication channel that allowed us to interact with wallet pass holders in person and locally via push notifications through the wallet application,” added Boots. “Given that the majority of our Wallet Pass holders will be in-store customers, since they can unlock their membership benefits by scanning their membership pass, being able to engage with them through this new channel presents many new opportunities for us , which we are very happy about.”

Additionally, Scotch & Soda will be able to use geofencing to show customers notifications when they are near a Scotch & Soda retail store, prompting them to enter.

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“For Scotch & Soda, we are offering them a new way to collect and leverage customer data that will enable them to interact and provide value to their customers through Wallet Passes,” said Rob Anson, CEO of Fobi. “Our Wallet Pass-based digital membership card solution allows them to activate their customer data and run much more segmented and personalized communications right through to the lock screen on their customers’ phones, which is game-changing for their digital marketing team.”

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