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The federal government remains largely unprepared to introduce the “accelerating technology trends most likely to cause disruption over the next 18 to 24 months.” message from Deloitte says.

The company’s GovTech Trends 2023 report examines which technologies may be most relevant to agencies – such as virtual reality, artificial intelligence and blockchain – and how they are ready to use these tools.

The firm rated the government’s readiness to embrace new technology trends and generally gave it generally low marks. On a scale of one to five – with five being the highest – the government scored three or less in all seven categories of emerging trends.

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The federal government’s lowest rating was for “absorbing the Internet,” but emerging technology was also rated as least relevant to agencies at this time. The report claims that in the future, the feds could benefit from virtual reality support for both their constituents and staff.

Deloitte gave the government the highest rating – three out of five – for readiness to tame multi-cloud environments, reshape the technology workforce and broaden its horizons from traditional IT to technologies rooted in the formal, natural and social sciences.

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The report notes that as the federal government continues to migrate to the cloud, commercial off-the-shelf tools can help automate many functions — such as security — and help IT staff better manage multi-cloud environments.

Deloitte says the technology workforce is one of the most important trends today and said the government is in a position to create channels to recruit “non-traditional talent” to help fill gaps, particularly to join an aging federal IT workforce faster than its recruitment of new talent.

The remaining three categories – artificial intelligence, blockchain and modernization – all received scores of two, with the report identifying IT modernization as the more relevant category within the federal government.

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“Consider the use of new technologies and techniques that enable more progressive modernization, enable incremental service improvements, and dramatically reduce the risk of migration,” the report recommends to federal agencies.

Deloitte continued: “Design your future operating model and tools supporting cloud, security, AI/ML and more – then look at how to incrementally modernize to better leverage emerging technologies and support the mission more effectively and efficiently.”


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