Electrified, hybrid cars grab larger share in Türkiye as total sales fall

Sales of electric vehicles (EVs) in Türkiye nearly tripled year-on-year in the first eight months, with petrol-electric hybrid rivals also up, industry data shows, as fossil-fueled cars lost market share and overall sales went back.

According to the Automotive Distributors Association (ODD), around 3,283 electric vehicles were sold from January to August, up 174.5% from around 1,196 sold in the same period a year ago.

Total sales of passenger cars and light commercial vehicles in Türkiye fell 8.5% year-on-year to 458,446 units in the first eight months, data showed, amid rising prices and as problems range from logistics bottlenecks to an ongoing chip shortage in production braked.

Auto sales fell 9.4% year-on-year to 354,543 vehicles, while light commercial vehicles fell 5.2% to 103,903, according to the ODD.

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Gasoline and diesel powered cars are losing market but remain leaders.

Around 250,401 petrol and 60,316 diesel cars were sold in the first eight months of the year. Both declined from 256,815 and 80,643 units sold respectively in the same period last year.

Hybrid vehicle sales continued their upward trend, rising 2.9% to 34,265 units in the January-August period from 33,287 units sold a year earlier.

Gasoline- and diesel-powered cars accounted for 87.6% of total sales in the first eight months, up from 86.2% in the same period of 2021.

Battery-powered and hybrid vehicles increased their market shares to 0.9% and 9.7%, respectively, from 0.3% and 8.5%, the data showed.

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The proportion of electric and hybrid cars that are gaining ground worldwide is still at a low level, but sales growth shows increasing consumer interest in the electrified market.

This interest is expected to gain strong momentum as Türkiye prepares to kickstart the mass launch of its first domestically produced car.

Türkiye’s Automobile Joint Venture Group, known as Togg, is the consortium developing the car.

Togg will start mass production of its all-electric SUV next month. The C-segment SUV will be launched in the first quarter of 2023 and will be the first electric sport utility vehicle produced in continental Europe by a non-traditional manufacturer.

Togg was launched on June 25, 2018. President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan presented prototypes for the SUV and a sedan in December 2019, both fully electric models and C-segment models. The brand aims to produce 1 million vehicles in five different segments by 2030.

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Togg said it will produce five different models by 2030, namely an SUV, sedan, C hatchback, B-SUV and B-MPV. The mass production of the SUV will be followed by the sedan.

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