El Paso Mayor Forms P.A.C. To Defend District Attorney Rosales

Former two-year El Paso Mayor John Cook appears to be defending DA Yvonne Rosales against claims of incompetence.

Mayor John Cook – El Paso, Texas

Steven R Green

Cook started a Facebook group called #TruthMatters last Friday. In the first post, Mr. Cook said: “A program is underway to reverse the votes of over 200,000 voters who voted for our District Attorney, Yvonne Rosales. We must not allow lies to undermine our democracy. This group should allow the truth to come out.”

There were only a few contributions from TruthMatters along with a PDF file. This file contains several “Quick Facts” including:

“Yvonne Rosales is the first woman elected District Attorney for El Paso!”

“All previous DAs were MEN!”

And: “Did we mention that Yvonne is a WOMAN?? And she’s the district attorney!?”

This initial PDF also has a few errors. Here is one:

“Since January 2021, the prosecutor’s office has increased the number of cases processed to 900 cases per month.” —-TruthMatters



However, local attorney Derek Wyatt pointed out a pretty big mistake.

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Derek Wyatt

Your numbers are totally wrong.

It’s ridiculous trying 900 juries a month.)



Mr. Cook (or whoever runs the site) replied:

Johannes Koch

Derek, you are right. 900 cases were filed, not heard. Thanks for the hint. I definitely appreciate your help! John We will make the correction after you notice this error.

OK, that seems like a pretty big discrepancy. One that will come into effect at 10:45 a.m. Monday morning NOT been corrected. Also, I think I found another one…

…over 200,000 voters who voted for our District Attorney Yvonne Rosales.

200,000? To quote Derek Wyatt, these numbers appear to be “not at all accurate”.

According to Ballotpedia, Yvonne received 16,454 votes in the July 2020 runoff. That is significantly less than “200,000”. hell if you COMBINED their number of votes from the runoff AND the primary, which is still well under 50,000 votes.

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So that’s two significant errors in a single one-page PDF file. Why is this a problem? Now when your group is called “TRUTH matters” and your goal is to “let the truth come out,” that’s not a very good start.

But another commentator made an equalization BETTER Point.

Elvia Aguilar

I think people want to hear the truth (from her) about HOW all of these cases have been and are being dismissed. How did it happen under their supervision? Maybe if she explains it to people so we can understand.

That’s right on the money. I think the people of El Paso want to hear directly from Ms. Rosales. A kind of explanation of HOW things go so wrong WHY Almost 1,000 people left the prison and WHAT A remedy should be created.

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I note on his “About” page that John Cook is listed as the founder and leader of a consulting group, Strategic Solutions Consulting. So I guess my question is, is John doing this as a “former El Paso Mayor and concerned citizen” or as a “paid political adviser”? We’ll try to get an answer from Mr. Cook this week.

Johannes Koch

Elvia, that’s exactly what I’m going to do. I think, of course, that we all know that the pandemic was a major factor. The courthouse was closed until January 2022. The prosecutor’s office has increased from 500 cases a month to 900 cases in July. That’s an 80% increase. Their dedicated staff work hard to ensure justice is done.

I will soon learn more about the causes and progress

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