EIT Climate-KIC organises first Festival of Circular Economy and Bioeconomy in Santander

EIT Climate-KIC organizes the first Circular Economy and Bioeconomy Festival in Santander – Climate-KIC

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28 Nov 2022

From November 28 to December 2, the works show a new collaboration in Cantabria to strengthen the circular economy in the region.

Monday 28 November: This week will see the launch of the Circular Economy and Bioeconomy Festival in Santander, Spain, to activate entrepreneurship and innovation in the circular economy in the region. EIT Climate-KIC is running week-long activities in collaboration with the Santander International Center for Entrepreneurship (CISE), the Regional Development Association of Cantabria (SODERCAN) and the Chamber of Commerce of Cantabria.

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Taking place at the Palacio de la Magdalena and the headquarters of the Chamber of Commerce of Cantabria, the festival aims to raise awareness of climate challenges in the region and strengthen local ecosystems to address systemic problems through circular economy initiatives.

The event is part of the EIT Climate-KIC program of the Circular Economy of Cantabria. It gives the participants the opportunity to strengthen their skills and knowledge in the circular economy and process change at the local level, as well as to practice and experiment with new ideas and public policies, through circular solutions that promote climate change and mitigation.

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The list of events throughout the week includes

  • An intensive training course on the basics and tools of the circular economy.
  • The keynote speech on the circular economy and digitization of cities and regions is Totti Könnölä, managing director of the Insight Foresight Institute.
  • A series of workshops to develop public officials and stakeholders’ skills and decision-making tools for new sustainable economic models in Cantabria.
  • And the ceremony to honor students who participate in the circular economy course will award diplomas and the following Climathon activities will be opened, encouraging Cantabrian entrepreneurs and students with ideas to apply to be part of this program.
  • The festival offers a mechanism for climate action and the opportunity for Cantabrian organizations, and citizens, to jointly develop ideas to face local climate challenges, and to promote and build awareness about changing systems in cities around the world.
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The event is funded by the Department of Rural Development, Livestock, Fishing, Food and Environment of Cantabria. All activities will be conducted in Spanish.

For more information about the festival, please visit here. Event registration can be found here.

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