Egypt’s COP27 Presidency sets out vision for UN Climate Change Conference and urges world to act now – World

  • The agenda emphasizes action across the board on climate change by further reducing emissions and addressing climate change adaptation to save lives and livelihoods

  • Reaffirms the just and managed transition to a more sustainable economy to ensure no one is left behind

  • Vision for implementation COP focuses on how the world will pay for the estimated $125 trillion bill to tackle climate change by 2050 (per IEA)

Cairo, Egypt – September 28, 2022: Egypt’s COP27 Presidency has set out its vision for the 2022 United Nations Climate Change Conference to be held in the Egyptian coastal city of Sharm El-Sheikh from 7-18 November. Aiming to make COP27 an “implementation COP” by calling for action beyond previous agreements on all areas of climate change, with a focus on protecting people from the immediate impacts of climate change and ensuring that no one is left behind.

Speaking on the vision for COP27, HE Sameh Shoukry, Egyptian Foreign Minister and President-elect of COP27 said: “We need to accelerate climate action on all fronts, including mitigation, adaptation and financing, in addition to more ambitious mitigation measures to get 1.5c within reach. There must be no room for delays in delivering on climate promises or for rolling back hard-won gains in the global fight against climate change. We have to work together to implement it. We must act, now, to save lives and livelihoods.

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Speaking at a COP27 Global Press Briefing, Amb Wael Aboulmagd, Special Envoy of the COP27 President, said: “We cannot underestimate the threat humanity faces from climate change; 4% of global economic output could be lost to climate change by 2050 and 5 million people die each year from extreme temperatures… which will only get worse as temperatures rise.

The cross-cutting issue will always be financing. How are we going to pay for this? We cannot continue on a highly controversial course. We need to find creative ways to get funding.

Most importantly, we need everyone on board…if we are to save lives and livelihoods and transform the global economy from an unsustainable model pursued for more than two centuries to a sustainable, low-carbon model that cares about the impoverished cares about people and those suffering from the adverse effects of climate change.”

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The focus on a just and managed transition to a new sustainable economic model was highlighted at COP27 as crucial for progress. The Paris Agreement recognized that nations have combined but distinct responsibilities based on their historical greenhouse gas emissions. This puts the responsibility on developed nations to help developing countries, with adequate funding, make the transition to a more sustainable economy over time. The COP27 Presidency points to the need to first meet current financial commitments with the $100 billion financial target and doubling global adaptation funding, and to further advance global ambitions on funding if we are to implement effective climate action .

The Presidency also hailed actions by Scotland and Denmark as “steps in the right direction” on loss and damage and encouraged other developed nations to follow their example.

Amb Mohamed Nasr, Chief Negotiator and Director-General for Climate, Environment and Sustainable Development at Egypt’s Foreign Ministry, said: “The current commitments are a floor, not a ceiling. More is needed if we are to deliver an effective response to protect people from climate change. Climate change will not pause, nor should we address it in our quest.”

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To clarify this vision, the COP27 Presidency created Act Now, a film that highlights the real and present threat of climate change, its man-made origins and man-made solutions, and aims to encourage global decision-makers to back down to avoid and deliver on the pledges by urging them to act now “because there is no extra time” and gather to implement at COP27 in Sharm El Sheikh.



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