Domestic and Overseas Brands Launch Over 10,000 Limited-time Offers to Hype Up the 920 Fosun Family Season

HONG KONG, September 21, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — The third 920 Fosun Family Season Livestream Shopping Day started on September 20th. During the seven days of the event, more than 30 brands will launch promotional campaigns such as more than 10,000 limited-time offers and product giveaways under Fosun. With just one click, customers can take Fosun’s good products home.

The 920 Fosun Family Season has generated hype since its launch on September 17th. In the next two months, Fosun will work with more than 80 well-known domestic and foreign brands that focus on household consumption to organize a series of online and offline “happiness sharing” activities that take families on a journey luckily take it.

Xu Xiaoliang, Co-CEO of Fosun International said, “Fosun focuses on the needs of families for happiness and continues to strengthen its four main business areas of Health, Happiness, Prosperity and Intelligent Manufacturing. This year marks Fosun’s 30th anniversary. With a clearer mission of “creating a happier life for families worldwide”, this year’s family season has been fully upgraded, and we hope that through continuous improvement of high-quality products and services, we can share happiness with Billions of families worldwide can share. “

partnership with Bran from home and abroadds to Promote the family season through gastronomic, entertainment and beauty experiences

In order to better meet the needs of different families, Fosun organizes two major events each year, 920 Fosun Family Season and 515 Fosun Family Day, which focus on household consumption. Among other things, the 515 Fosun Family Day in the first half of the year closely follows the consumption trend and launches various benefits for family customers. During the 920 Fosun Family Season in the second half of the year, Fosun’s brands will launch new products in various household consumption sectors to provide a happy experience with good products and good service.

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This year’s 920 Fosun Family Season continues to focus on household consumption sectors, offering a range of gastronomic, entertainment and beauty experiences through product upgrades, customization and Fosun industry innovative services.

During the event, Fosun showcases more than 300 key products from its ecosystem, with over 200 new products in the 920 Fosun Family Season, including the new products from Laomiao “Youque” series, a China chic gold wedding jewelry line, Dongjia artisan gift set, yoga freeze-dried collagen essence and the 5th generation of Shede Spirits. It is worth mentioning that 40 products from different industries, including Tong Han Chun Tang Wild Ginseng Gift Set and Pramerica Fosun Life Insurance Eternal Love Life Insurance Plan were selected as Fosun 30th Anniversary merchandise.

Utilizing the globalization core competency of “global organization + local operation”, Fosun will introduce the concept of “Family Season” abroad for the first time by forming partnerships with eight overseas brands including Club Med, Tom Tailor and Lanvin to promote Fosun’s concept of happiness Germany, France, UK, Italy, Japan and other countries.

Offering various online and offline consumer experiences such as in-store visits, virtual tours and limited-time offers

Various online and offline activities will take place during the 920 Fosun Family Season.

In terms of online activities, Fosun will work with Taobao Live and Douyin to host the “920 Fosun Family Season Livestream Super Shopping Day.” During the immersive live stream, more than 30 brands under Fosun will launch over 10,000 time-limited deals across food and beverage, tourism, fashion and other sectors. Fosun will also provide consumption experiences such as a virtual tour of Atlantis Sanya and Suzhou-style Songhelou pasta shop Live streaming of store visits.

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Community group buying is also one of the highlights of this year’s event. Leveraging Fosun’s strong brand matrix, the “Battle of Hundred Community Group Buying” will be launched during the 920 Fosun Family Season, expanding community group buying from the food and beverage sector to multiple sectors such as jewelry and skin care in the first half of the year, and Tourism covering more than 20 cities across the country, including Shanghai, Shandong, Hubei, Zhejiang and Guangdong, and cooperates with more than 100 community group shopping guides to offer hundreds of items at reasonable prices to thank customers.

In terms of offline activities, focusing on sectors such as retail, food & beverage and tourism, Fosun Family Season will work with Douyin and other platforms to invite consumers to visit the offline stores and launch value sets or Distribute coupons to provide consumers with entertaining experiences. For example, try the signature noodles at Songhelou’s Suzhou-style noodle shop, taste tea at Dongjia Teahouse, learn more about wedding culture at Laomiao pop-up shop “Youque ” and go shopping at the Yuyuan Tourist Mart.

Powered by Captain Happiness, more than 100 benefits are offered to ecosystem members

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During this year’s 515 Fosun Family Day, “Captain Happiness” was officially launched as one of Fosun’s key ecological programs, which uses systems such as industrial sales, ecological sales and employee sales to better serve customers. In this year’s 920 Fosun Family Season, Fosun continued to focus on the refined management of C-end members by introducing member-exclusive offers through many member activities.

The Fosun Alliance internet platform, a membership system built on Fosun’s ecosystem, has been continuously updated to provide quality benefits to registered members and has facilitated cross-sector consumption by 40% of its active members. During Fosun Family Season 920, Fosun Alliance introduced various meal sets in restaurants such as Suzhou-style Songhelou noodle shop, Classic hotel in Shanghai, Nanxiang Steam Bun Restaurantand 100+ free exclusive offers updated weekly.

As an important part of “building the ecological membership system”, Fosun will also fully introduce corporate membership during the 920 Fosun Family Season, and provide B end customers with industry investment and financing support, industry visits and exchanges, corporate member select benefits and services, etc., to achieve Fosun’s ecological better achieve empowerment.

It is reported that the ecological development of Fosun FC2M has continued to accelerate in recent years, with the multiplier effect being realized continuously. Fosun International’s 2022 interim results show that the total value created by the group’s ecosystem during the reporting period was about 3.8 billion RMB, and the group has a total of 414 million operational members with 18 million newly registered members in the first half of the year.

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