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Just two days before Diwali, the Rajasthan government released a salary review for around 31,000 employees working in different capacities. The salary increase was announced by the Rajasthan Minister of Education, BD Kalla. Kalla said that the salary scale of around 31,473 contract workers, gram panchayat assistants, education workers and para-teachers has been revised and they will now receive salaries based on the length of their period of service.

Kalla said that contract workers, gram panchayat assistants, education workers and para-teachers will now receive a salary of Rs 18,500 after nine years of service and Rs 32,000 after 18 years of service. The Rajasthan government approved the trek on October 21.

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“Prime Minister Ashok Gehlot ji has revised the salary scale for contract workers, Gram Panchayat assistants, education workers and para-teachers, whose estimated number is 31,473. They will now receive a salary of Rs 18,500 per 9 years of service and Rs 32,000 for 18 years. years of service,” Kalla said in a tweet.

According to the copy of the order, these publications have been brought under the purview of the ‘Rajasthan Contract Recruitment Rules for Civilian Publications’. Designations for education workers, para-teachers and gram panchayat assistants have been changed.

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Former minister and congress lawmaker Harish Chaudhary called the announcement a “Diwali gift” to the people of the state government.

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It should be recalled that the Rajasthan government already announced an increase in dearness allowance on September 28 for state government employees and retirees, after the central government announced it. The Rajasthan government increased the DA by four percent to 38 percent from the previous 34 percent. The DA increase decision benefited around 8 lakh state government employees and 4.40 lakh pensioners.

The central government had announced an increase in DA in September and said the 4 percent increase will take effect from July 1, 2022.


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