Disney Park Celebrates Long-Time Partnership With Telecom Company

Disneyland Paris is celebrating its 30th anniversary this year since it first opened on April 12, 1992, but it’s not the only 30th anniversary it’s celebrating.

Disneyland Paris also announced in a new press release that this year is also celebrating 30 years of partnership with Orange, the French and European telecommunications company.

Disneyland Paris Disney Dreams!  spectacular christmas nights
Credit: Disney

The press release also stated that this long-term partnership has been renewed until 2027. The aim of this initiative is not only to improve the experience of guests at Disneyland Paris, but also to bring the magic of Disney into the everyday lives of Orange clients.

Since 1992, this partnership has helped millions of Disneyland Paris guests connect with each other and share their park experiences.

In just the past few years, Disneyland Paris guests and Orange clients have been able to enjoy new and innovative experiences created through this collaboration. This includes technologies such as virtual reality games, augmented reality applications and unique decor and activations within Orange flagship locations.

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All characters in Avengers Campus in Disneyland Paris
Credit: Disney

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The partnership will also bring further improvements to Disneyland Paris’ Wi-Fi and mobile network, not just in the park but across the resort as a whole. In fact, one of the recent improvements that has been implemented in the park is the collaboration between Orange and Walt Disney Imagineering, which has integrated Wi-Fi hotspots within the Marvel Avengers Campus.

Here is what Laure Albouy, Vice President of Business Strategy and Integration for Disneyland Paris, had to say about the future of this collaboration with Orange:

“More than ever, Disneyland Paris is looking to the future. Our partnership with Orange – a global brand dedicated to digital innovation and sustainability – is an excellent embodiment of our ambitions. We are excited to continue the partnership that has benefited our guests and cast members over the past 30 years, with even more opportunities to come.”

Disneyland Paris Space Mountain at night
Credit: Disneyland Paris

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The direct result of this collaboration was more innovation. Disneyland Paris’ storytelling skills, along with Orange’s technical prowess, are constantly bringing new and exciting digital enhancements to the park.

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One such example of these digital experiences is the Celebration Quest app, which is a treasure hunt in both parks: Disneyland Park and Walt Disney Studios Park. The hunt features at least 30 puzzles to help guests find secrets and surprises around the park, and to date, more than 60,000 guests have taken part in the challenge.

Guests will meet Spider-Man at Disney's Hotel New York -- The Art of Marvel
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Another example of these collaborative digital experiences is The Lost Artifact, an augmented reality app that helped 15,000 guests see Disney’s Hotel New York – The Art of Marvel from a different perspective.

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Gaëlle Le Vu, Communications and CSR Director at Orange France, also shared some thoughts on the partnership with Disneyland Paris:

“We are delighted to continue working with Disneyland Paris and share our expertise and know-how to help enhance the experience for guests across the resort.”

disneyland paris christmas parade mickey
Credit: Disney

The future of this partnership is bright. Several innovative experiences are already in play, offering French and European consumers the opportunity to experience magical everyday experiences. And this partnership will continue to move forward to continuously improve Wi-Fi and 5G networks throughout the Disneyland Paris Resort.

What do you think of Disneyland Paris and Orange’s continued partnership? What improvements do you think we will see in the near future? Share your thoughts below!


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