Digital watermark technology makes recycling easier

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Digital watermarking technology makes recycling easier

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Convinced that the global challenge of more sustainable production can only be solved together, Molding Solutions – a Barnes company – is pooling its know-how with partners and will be present with its mold and hot runner technology and control at the Arburg stands . Netstal, Yushin, Fanuc and KraussMaffei.

Digital Watermark Technology: 6-fold Foboha mold with laser-engraved inserts for applying the digital watermark
Digital Watermark Technology: 6-fold Foboha mold with laser-engraved inserts for applying the digital watermark

(Source: Barnes)

At its stand in Hall 1, the Molding Solutions network will show how digitization helps to simplify the recycling of packaging materials. Packaging made from a certified bio-based material is digitally watermarked to allow recycling centers to automate the separation of these digitally marked products in the waste stream. The mold inserts were laser engraved to apply the digital watermark to the mold which then applies it to the part as it is molded. A special camera recognizes the watermarks in the plastic part. By scanning the product with a digital watermark app, consumers can access a digital product pass with recycling-related information.

Another feature showcased by a K is Mold Mind. This digital cockpit of the injection mold is a recording system that documents the relevant process data and events of an injection mold in real time over the entire life cycle of the mold. The intelligent monitoring system quickly identifies problems to minimize downtime. Data can be accessed directly on the device or in the Barnes Connectia Cloud, which is making its debut at the K show.

Digital Watermark Technology: Closure with digital watermark
Digital Watermark Technology: Closure with digital watermark

(Source: Barnes)

Focus on hot runner process control at Synventive

Synventive presents a new electric valve gate. Synventive’s new compact eGate Sync will complement the existing eGate system. The cost-effective eGate Sync impresses with its plug-and-play installation and simple user interface. Quality is improved by increasing shot-to-shot consistency – all with significant energy savings compared to hydraulic systems. – 3D data within minutes

With the new hot runner configurator, 3D data of 2, 4 or 8-fold hot runner systems with top-selling nozzles from men and Synventive can be created in just a few minutes. The step-by-step configuration can access a material database with more than 12,000 resins. Customers generate customized 3D data easily and quickly through the application check, which includes a follow-up with an application engineer for out-of-policy applications. The configurators from men and Synventive are available now, and those from Thermoplay are to follow soon.

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New and proven hot runner and control technology for multi-cavity applications

Men are expanding their packaging and slimline range with additional valve gate nozzles. The packaging range for high speed tools is complemented by the small diameter MCN-EP with permanently centered valve gate. Nozzle tip design enables high-precision gating and allows tip protrusion correction without post-processing (patent pending). Like the proven MCN 8 and MCN 6.5, the new needle shut-off nozzle MCN 5 from the Slimline series is ideal for tight installation conditions in high-cavity molds. Men not only have an eye on the nozzle, but also on optimizing the manifold. A 3D printed manifold designed with artificial intelligence is used to show how the flow bore design helps a non-symmetrical 6 gob hot runner system achieve perfect balance.

For larger quantities of parts, Thermoplay has added two nozzles to its TFS series – the open nozzle series for side gating. Other Thermoplay innovations are aimed at specific applications. For example, Thermoplay has developed nozzles for a 45° sprue for the production of conical parts as well as multi-tip nozzles for small parts that are injected with several injection points. Thermoplay sees 3D printing as an option for fast delivery times and is introducing a new multi-nozzle with an additively manufactured collar.

Gammaflux completes the portfolio with its proven hot runner temperature control technology. With the in-house triangulated control technology and up to 192 zones, the G24 is the top seller among temperature controllers on the market.

Processing of PCR and biomaterials with digital intelligence

Adding digital intelligence to high-precision mechanics is a high priority for Molding Solutions. When processing new PCR and biomaterials, injection molders struggle with material fluctuations, which makes reliable production more difficult. The Priamus Fillcontrol process monitoring system recognizes and corrects material fluctuations that contribute to quality losses through dynamic process control by adjusting the manipulated variables of pressure and temperature signals.

Closed loop recycling

At its stand in Hall 15, KraussMaffei will show how material can go through several product lifecycles in the future. Medical consumables are manufactured from PP in the 96-cavity mold from Mannes, after which the material is granulated and fed into the production of automotive parts, also at the Krauss stand Maffei.

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Diagnosis accelerated

Under this specification, pipette tips are manufactured and removed at Netstal in Hall 15. The turnkey system consists of a 64-cavity pipette tip mold with a hot runner from Men, a Netstal Elion 2800-870 and high-speed automation from MA – micro automation. The expert network shows that close integration and coordination with product specialists can make it easy for customers to configure a high-performance production cell with a clear ROI.

High speed production with side unloading

At its stand in Hall 11, Yushin relies entirely on side picking robots. Blister packs are produced in a 16-cavity male mold and removed from the side in a Netstal Elion 800. Thanks to the men’s mold with optimized cycle times, the performance of the Netstal injection molding machine and the high-speed robot from Yushin, the cycle time can be reduced by up to 3.5 seconds.

Balancing and energy efficiency optimization

The development of Foboha’s 48-cavity mold was the result of a concentrated effort to produce the best high-cavity hot runner system design in terms of balancing and energy efficiency. Each cavity was fitted with a Priamus sensor to allow full system monitoring and optimized use of the Priamus process control system. The 48 molded parts are removed by a robot equipped with grippers from Gimatic, Molding Solutions’ Barnes subsidiary. This tool will be running at the Fanuc booth in Hall 14.

CITI technology

CITI stands for Cube Inclusive Turning Inserts – a technology patented by Foboha that is particularly suitable for the production of multi-component parts where the second material is desired on both sides of the base body. A 3-component functional part is produced in an 8+8+8-cavity cube mould, in which a frame made of PP is first injected into the movable side of the nozzle. After the cube has been rotated 2 x 90°, the component is sealed with TPE on both sides of the fixed nozzle side and a functional element made of POM is injection-moulded on.

At the K trade fair in Hall 1, Stand C 50, the Molding Solutions network will be showing molds from Men and Foboha, hot runner technology from Men, Synventive and Thermoplay, temperature controllers from Gammaflux and process control systems from Priamus.


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