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HONOLULU – The State Department of Commerce and Consumer Affairs (DCCA) and the State Boards and Commissions have released a summary of the disciplinary actions taken against individuals and organizations with professional and professional licenses in Hawaii through August 2022. These disciplinary measures include orders based either on the outcome of the hearings of the challenged case or on the settlement agreements submitted by the parties. Defendants enter into settlement agreements to settle claims and to save the cost of conducting an administrative hearing.

The DCCA and the boards and commissions are responsible for ensuring that those with professional and professional licenses meet the standards required by state law.


Defendant: LS Automotive Repair & Transmission LLC

case number: ARP 2022-21-L

sanction: $500 fine

Effective Date: 7-28-22

RICO alleges that the Defendant failed to provide the Complainant with a written estimate for an engine repair, and alternatively failed to obtain a written waiver of the estimate for the repair work to be performed, a possible violation of HRS §§ 437B-11(6) and 437B -15(a). (Board approves settlement agreement.)

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Respondents: Central Striping Service Inc and James R. Lesniewski

case number: CLB 2022-80-L

sanction: $2,375 fine

Effective Date: 8-18-22

RICO alleges that the Defendants failed to pay one employee the prevailing wage, a possible violation of Section 104-2(b) of HRS, and failed to pay the overtime hours of eight employees, a possible violation of Section 104- 2(c) of HRS and failing to submit weekly certified copies of payslips to the contracting agency, in possible violation of HRS § 104-3(a). Along with the above allegations, RICO further alleges that the Defendants failed to notify the Board in a timely manner of a Violation Notice issued by the Hawaii State Department of Labor and Industrial Relations – Wage Standards Division – resulting in a potential constitutes a violation of HRS §§ 444-17. (6) and 436B-16(a) and HAR §§ 16-77-71 and 16-77-75. (Board approves settlement agreement.)

Interviewees: Dickinson-Cameron Construction Company, Inc. and Ronald G. Gordines

case number: CLB 2015-171-L

sanction: $25,000 fine

Effective Date: 8-18-22

RICO alleges that the defendants contracted with an unlicensed contractor to install acoustic panels at the Cartier Store at the Ala Moana Shopping Center and that the defendants did not have a C-1 Specialty Classification (Acoustics and Insulation), which constitutes a possible infringement HRS §§ 444-17(17), 423B-19(6) and 444-23(a). (Board approves settlement agreement.)

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Interviewer: Albert Selga

case number: CLB 2022-281-L

sanction: Voluntary license surrender

Effective Date: 8-18-22

RICO alleges that in January 2020, Defendant entered into an agreement to perform plumbing work on a residential building and performed plumbing work without holding a plumber’s license or a C-37 Specialty Classification (Plumber) license, in a potential violation of HRS § 444-23(a ). (Board approves settlement agreement.)


Defendant: Joerns, LLC

case number: PHA 2022-47-L

sanction: $500 fine

Effective Date: 8-18-22

RICO alleges that the Defendant was disciplined by the State of Idaho and failed to timely report the action to the Board of Directors, in possible violation of HRS §§ 436B-19(13) and 436B-19(15). (Board approves settlement agreement.)


Defendants: Caesar Paet and Cadmus Properties Corporation

case number: REC 2021-228-L

sanction: $1,500 fine

Effective Date: 8/26/22

Respondents engaged in activities conducted between January 1, 2021, when respondents’ brokerage licenses expired and/or were forfeited, to around June 10, 2021, when respondents regained their licenses, in violation of HRS §§ 467-1.6 (b)(7) engaged in activities requiring licenses ). (Board approves settlement agreement.)

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Interviewee: James A. Cole (Maui)

case number: REC 2018-343-L

sanction: $1,600 penalty

Effective Date: 8/26/22

On or about December 28, 2021, RICO filed a disciplinary action against the defendant’s real estate license, alleging that the defendant violated HRS §§ 436B-19(7), 436B-19(8), 436B-19(17 ) and 467-14(). 13) and HAR § 16-99-3(f). (Board approves settlement agreement.)


Interviewee: William J. Quebido

case number: BAR 2021-10-L

sanction: $1,000 fine

Effective Date: 8-30-22

RICO alleges that Defendant was convicted of OVUII on or about August 6, 2019, and that Defendant answered the question, “In the past two years, have you been convicted of a felony in which the conviction has not been quashed or vacated?” with ” No” answered? ” regarding his 2018 application and his 2020 renewal application in potential violation of HRS §§ 439-19(a)(1) and 439-19(a)(9). (Board approves settlement agreement.)

Copies of the decisions are available online at: http://cca.hawaii.gov/oah/oah_decisions/

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