Davey delivers at the death for Annacurra against An Tóchar

Annacurra 1-12

n Tochar 1-11

Annacurra’s junior ‘C’ team came through a tough battle with An Tóchar by a slender margin last Saturday night to secure their place in the semi-finals of the championship.

In fact, that required extra time to decide how that game would be decided and thoughts of penalties ran high, only for Rob Davey to send the winner deep into stoppage time.

The game itself was played very well from a sporting point of view, both teams achieved fantastic results. It was a joy to see veterans back on the field giving their all for their clubs.

Annacurra got off to a better start and took an early lead with goals from Ian McDonald and Clive Horan. An Tóchar was delighted with their full forward line, but unfortunately they didn’t reap the rewards of the goal line. At half time the score was in favor of the home side, Annacurra 0:5, An Tóchar 0:3.

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The second half continued in the same vein, with the home side trying to take advantage of the local faithful and they looked home and hosed down when Fionn Moules put the ball in An Tóchar’s back at the end of a flowing move promoted network.

However, the goal seemed to give An Tóchar’s men a boost or a realization that unless they pulled their socks up their championship dreams would be over. (Maybe it was the cold that made her pull up her socks, who knows). The introduction of Ger Power down the middle really strengthened their cause and when time was almost up they scored a well-deserved equalizer through Lar Nolan’s boot. extension here we go.

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In overtime, with both teams suffering from fatigue after a vibrant affair, the teams traded points throughout the game so by the end it almost seemed like both teams were happy the game was going to penalties, but Rob Davey had other things on his mind.

Just before the final whistle and from a tight angle, Rob’s low shot on target went agonizingly wide of the post. From the resulting kick-out, the ball got to Rob again, who was undeterred by the earlier miss and redeemed himself by sending the ball over the bar in what would be the game-winning outcome, much to the delight of the fans .

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Final score after extra time, Annacurra 1:12, An Tóchar 1:11.

Annacurra: David Whitty; James Walsh, Mark Doyle, Brian Shannon; Cian Fitzgerald (0-1), Adrian Shannon, Liam Moules (0-1); Shane O’Neill, Leonardo Araujo (0-1); Michael Doyle (0-1), Ian McDonald (0-3), James Doyle; Clive Horan (0-1), Fionn Moules (1-0), Vincent Flaherty (0-1). Substitutes: Ciaran Byrne, John Hynes, Rob Davey (0-3).

To Tochar: Cian Timmons; Niall Byrne, Sean Davis, Noel Power (0-1); Paul Kenna, Shay Nolan, Michael Kinsella; Tom Clancy, Sean Leacy; Kevin Lynchaun (0-3), Stephen Fox (0-3), Shay Carr (0-1); Ronan Hurley, Matthew Byrne (0-1), Cian Brady. Substitutes: Rob Cullen, Sean J. Brady, Dan Mohan (0-1), Ger Power (0-1), Lar Nolan (1-0), Mark Keenan.

Referee: Conor Doyle (Coolkenno)

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