TORONTO, January 12, 2023 /CNW/ – (TSXV: XX) – This press release relates to the common shares (the “Common actions“) of Avante Logixx Inc. (“forward” or the “company“). Craig Campbell announce that in October 19, 2022Resilience Security Partners LP (“LP Resilience“) through Resilience Security Partners GP Inc. in its capacity as general partner (the “General Partner“), distributed 2,726,100 Avante Ordinary Shares held by it as a return of capital (the “Distribution“) in connection with the planned dissolution and liquidation of Resilience LP. Resilience LP is controlled by Mr. Campbell by virtue of his control of the General Partner, which is wholly owned by Mr. Campbell.

Prior to the distribution, Mr. Campbell owned and controlled 294,500 shares of common stock personally and 60,000 shares of common stock through Resilience Special Partner Inc. (“Special Member“), a corporation owned 100% by Mr. Campbell. Mr. Campbell also exercised control over 2,726,100 shares of common stock held by Resilience LP. Prior to the distribution, Resilience LP owned and controlled an aggregate of approximately 10.3 % of the issued and outstanding shares of common stock The shares and Mr. Campbell owned and controlled an aggregate of approximately 11.6% of the issued and outstanding common shares (based on 26,489,438 shares of common stock outstanding as disclosed in the discussion and analysis of the Company’s management for the period of three and six months ended). September 30, 2022).

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Following the distribution, Resilience LP owns and controls zero common shares representing zero percent of the issued and outstanding common shares, and the ownership and control of Mr. Campbell declined to less than 10% of the Company’s issued and outstanding securities. Resilience LP distributed 1,092,560 common shares to Mr. Campbell (through a transfer to a special partner) as part of the distribution. Mr. Campbell continues to own and control a total of 1,447,060 common shares (composed of the 294,500 common shares held by Mr. Campbell in his personal capacity and 1,152,560 common shares held by Special Partner), or 5.5% of the issues and in circulation of the Company. Common actions. The percentage of holdings of Mr. Campbell is now below the reporting threshold prescribed by applicable securities laws. Resilience LP transferred the common stock it held in the Company as a return of capital to its limited partners and, as such, received no consideration for the common stock.

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Mr. Campbell continues to evaluate its holdings in the Company, including the possibility of disposing of additional securities in the normal course of business, but has no current plans or intentions to engage in any of the other actions that require disclosure under the alert notification provisions in advance of the applicable ones. values ​​laws. Depending on the market conditions, in the opinion of Mr. Campbell about the Company’s prospects and other factors that Mr. Campbell considers relevant, Mr. Campbell may acquire securities of the Company from time to time in the future, in the open market or pursuant to privately negotiated transactions, or may sell all or a portion of its securities in the Company.

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This press release is issued pursuant to National Instrument 62-103 – The early warning system and issues related to takeover bids and insider reportingwhich also requires a report to be submitted to the regulatory authorities of each of the jurisdictions in which the Company is a reporting issuer containing information on the foregoing matters (the “Early warning report“). A copy of the Early Warning Report will appear with the Company’s filings on the Electronic Document Retrieval and Analysis System at The Company’s registered office is located at 1959 Leslie Street, Toronto, Ontario M3B 2M3.

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