Courteney Cox on Her Beauty Routine, Fitness Routine, and Favorite Music

Welcome to 24/7 beauty, Marie Claire‘s weekly look into the daily lives of some of the most disruptive women in their industries. Have you ever wondered how they do it all in one day? Here is your answer.

Flick through Courteney Cox’s Instagram and you’ll wish she were your best friend. One minute she’s cuddling her dog and starring in funny movies with the cast Glowing Valley, and in the next she’s learning to drive a fancy car in Ireland and making videos of Kanye West’s tweets. She’s a certified cool girl who’s always there for a good time. But while living her best life in public, the Alabama native is also focused on creating a private, peaceful sanctuary at home. “Together we strive for good health, good habits and wellness routines that make us feel like we’re our best – so why not extend that philosophy to home care?” she asks.

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