Connecticut 4th Best State To Raise A Family: New Report

CONNECTICUT — What makes a place a great place to raise a family? And Connecticut qualifies?

New parents wrestle with that question every day, and the COVID-19 pandemic has only added to the anxiety while putting many of the metrics into sharp focus.

Personal finance website MoneyRates has distilled the needs of a modern child into nine wellness hubs and rated each state. In their new report, “10 Best States to Raise a Family 2022,” their analysts ranked Connecticut No. 4, behind New Jersey, Massachusetts and Utah.

In possibly three of the most important criteria: “Safety from Violent Crime,” “Academic Performance,” and “Availability of Childcare,” Connecticut scored in the Top 10.

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The state necessary those high marks to make up for their dismal bottom 10 report cards for their overall affordability and in-state cost of college.

COVID-19 shaped the findings, adding seriousness to categories like the quality and availability of healthcare and child care. The pandemic also highlighted factors that contribute to the development of a 21st century child that many have overlooked or taken for granted.

“Broadband connectivity is no longer a luxury,” according to the MoneyRates report. “In many parts of the country, it has been essential in allowing schools to continue.”

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Parents have also become more aware of the number and type of neighborhood amenities that provide families with options for outdoor activities at a time when many formal recreation programs have been suspended.

MoneyRates used the latest available survey data compiled by the Child and Adolescent Health Data Resource Center’s National Survey of Children’s Health to rate states on both child health and neighborhood service scores.

Here is the Connecticut MoneyRates scorecard:

  • Overall Affordability Rank: 43
  • Academic Performance Rank: 9
  • Access to Youth Checking Accounts Rank: 10
  • College Affordability Rank: 45
  • Safety from Violent Crime Rating: 3
  • Nursery Availability Range: 5
  • Child Health Rank: 15
  • Neighborhood Amenities Rating: 14
  • Broadband connectivity range: 12
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If access to checking accounts for young people seems like an odd yardstick alongside the rate of violent crime and children’s health, consider the source: MoneyRates is a banking-focused site that tracks rates on CDs, savings, and money market offerings the most. of 400 financial institutions throughout the country.

Here is MoneyRates list of the top 10 states to raise a child in 2022:

  1. New Jersey
  2. (tie) Massachusetts
  3. (tie) Utah
  4. Connecticut
  5. new hampshire
  6. Wyoming
  7. (tie) florid
  8. (tie)Wisconsin
  9. Ohio
  10. New York

The full MoneyRates report is online here.


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