Chivas Unveils Limited Edition in Collaboration with Asia Ambassador ‘LISA’

Chivas presented the limited edition Chivas 18 in collaboration with Asian brand ambassador Lisa.

On November 25, Chivas announced an exclusive drop of its iconic limited edition Chivas 18, a collaboration with Asian brand ambassador Lisa that captures the signature style of the global music sensation.

The limited edition bottle is the next step in Chivas’ partnership with LISA, who was announced earlier this year as the first female face of the brand in Asia with the global platform ‘I Rise, We Rise’.

Lisa’s limited edition bottle perfectly complements her artistic talents in various fields, from fashion to music. The eye-catching design of this collaboration showcases both the brand’s iconoclastic bold nature and heritage.

LISA commented: “I really enjoyed working with the team at Chivas on this limited edition bottle. The bottle is quintessential LISA – bright, bold and unique – and I’m so excited for everyone to finally see it. It’s wonderful to now have your own bottle!”

In addition, Chivas announced that they will be hosting a special session in their “Regal Planet” metaverse for fans across Asia to meet Lisa. The Regal Planet will be launched on November 27 on the official Chivas YouTube and Instagram and will consist of a program that travels with her in virtual reality.

In Regal Planet, Lisa appears in her real form and participants can participate in various programs by entering the virtual world as an avatar. Starting with her gorgeous appearance, participants can spend time with her, solve quizzes and interact with her and feel as if they are actually with her.

Chivas and Lisa gained a lot of attention from whiskey enthusiasts and K-pop fans alike earlier this year with the global ad campaign ‘I Rise, We Rise’. Chivas believes that the successful musician “LISA” perfectly complements the brand’s current prestige mood. The campaign brought her continuous journey to success and development.

Miguel Pascual, Marketing Director of Pernod Ricard Korea, said: “This limited edition is the perfect result of the ongoing partnership between Chivas and its Asian ambassador, ‘LISA’. With this collaboration, we aim to appeal to a younger generation of whiskey enthusiasts with our current mood of prestige and a brand new feel, and for the brand to cement its place among street culture.

A limited edition bottle of Chivas 18 made with Lisa can also be found in the Korean market.


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