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CULLMAN, Ala. – The Cullman County Board of Education (CCBOE) released its personnel report from its Sept. 15 meeting.

The following resignations were accepted:

  • Frances A. Smith Central ESSER Account Manager
  • Stephanie A. Crider Good Hope Elementary School Teacher (GHPS).
  • Rebecca B. Glass Welti Headmaster

The following leave of absence were recognized:

  • Brittney Maddox Cold Springs Elementary School (CSES) Behavioral Support Assistant
  • Sydney G. Shumaker CSES Instructor
  • Kathryn A. Taylor Fairview Middle School Teacher (FMS).
  • Haleigh M. Harbison GHPS Instructor
  • Lexi L. Sullivan Teacher at Holly Pond High School (HPHS).
  • Carrie B. Ferrell Parkside Schoolteacher
  • Abby Williams Vinemont Elementary School Teacher (VES).

The following conditional appointments were approved:

  • Rebecca Willoughby Cullman Child Development Center (CCDC) Speech Language Pathologist
  • Laressa M. Johnson GHPS Instructor
  • Denise M. Manord Media Specialist Welti Library

The following conditional substitutes were approved:

  • Noah L. Bowling Bus Driver
  • David W. Carrell bus driver
  • Gregory A. Dollar bus driver
  • Caragan R. Coach driver
  • Kimberly L Lewis Teacher
  • Caralee Philpott teacher

The following substitute teachers, who have been certified for many years, have been approved:

  • Laurita C Hogland
  • Brenda F Ring

The following contract and/or salary changes have been approved:

  • Meghan K. Block Upgrade to Masters Degree
  • Jennifer M. Hays Upgrade to Master’s Degree
  • Sophie G. Slaten Upgrade to Master’s Degree
  • Karen R. McReath Upgrade to Master’s Degree
  • Karri D. Moore Upgrade to Master’s Degree
  • Chasity L. Thomason Upgrade to Education Specialist
  • David E. Lewis Maintenance Engineer for Multicraft

The following extracurricular trainers were approved:

  • Jessi Ellis Cold Springs Elementary/Middle School Volleyball Supplement
  • Jeremy C. Campbell Basketball volunteers for Cold Springs elementary/middle school girls
  • Treasure Tubbs Cold Springs High School (CSHS) band assistant adjunct.
  • Keith S. Day CSHS Varsity Football Supplement
  • Joshua Stancil Good Hope Middle School (GHMS) Cheerleading Volunteer
  • Lacy A. Stancil GHMS Cheerleading Volunteers
  • Tiffany L. Farr Hanceville Middle School (HMS) cheerleading supplement
  • Torovis Patton HMS Football Supplement
  • Savannah Lynn Harmony School Cheerleading Supplement
  • Erik V. Ryan Holly Pond High School (HPHS) baseball/softball/basketball volunteer
  • Martin L. Horton HPHS Football Supplement
  • Dylan J. Morton HPHS Football Supplement
  • Bridget L. Elrod HPHS Track Volunteers
  • Jimmy W. Fletcher Holly Pond Middle School (HPMS) Boys’ Basketball Supplement
  • Anthony V. Lambert HPMS Football Volunteer
  • Caleb Lambert HPMS Football Volunteer
  • Kolton Sellers HPMS Football Volunteer
  • Molly McKelvy HPMS Girls Basketball Volunteers
  • Tyler W. Ball Parkside School Basketball Supplement
  • Philip Bridges Vinemont High School (VHS) Golf Volunteer
  • Derrick A. Ransom Vinemont Middle School (VMS) Baseball/Football Supplement
  • Tanya S. Veres West Point High School (WPHS) Cheerleading Volunteers
  • John C. Reid WPHS Cross Country Volunteer
  • Madisen R. Adams WPHS Softball Supplement
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The following summer worker end date extensions have been accepted:

  • Landen J. Gunter Headquarters Maintenance
  • Branson L. Smith Headquarters Maintenance

The following applications were approved:

  • HHS pays David Miller $50 for middle school games and $75 for high school games to be the announcer for the football program
  • HPHS pays Chelsie Alldredge $500 for color guard choreography work
  • VHS pays Preston Boyd, Lance Lay and Kerry Thompson $400 each to renovate the high school’s gym floor
  • VMS is paying Preston Boyd, Lance Lay and Kerry Thompson $300 each to renovate the middle school’s gym floor
  • VMS to pay Christopher Kyle Chamblee $1,000 as athletic director 2022-2023
  • VMS will pay Ginger Lamon $2,000 to operate school concessions and clean all events for the 2022-2023 school year
  • WPHS is paying Robin Shikle $150 for five volleyball home goals and $330 for 11 basketball home goals for the 2022 season
  • Approval of after-hours programs and staff 2022-2023:
  • Harmony ($20 per hour) Sonda McCain
  • Holly Pond K-8 ($16 per hour) Any CCBOE substitute teacher
  • Vinemont Elementary School ($20 an hour) Emily Willoughby
  • West Point Elementary ($25 per hour) Nora Campbell and Amie White
  • Authorization of pre and post school tutors who are paid $40 per hour
  • Cold Springs Elementary – Kimberly Bookout, Denise Brewer, Karen Henderson, Reilly Hood, Andrea Huff, Brittany Martin, Amy Myers, Kaytlyn Shadix, Chasity Thomason, Tammy West, Madison White and Julie Windsor
  • Cold Springs High – Carolyn Doss and Eric Vest
  • Fairview Elementary – Tamara Gardner, Amy Hutchison and Julie Laney / Subs: Felicia R Chambers, Savanna Dutton and Susan Speegle
  • Fairview High – Mildred Elizabeth Lockhart and Cheryl Mangum Fairview Middle – Mackenzie Burnett
  • Hanceville High—Kathy Dyer
  • Holly Pond K-8 – Melissa Donaldson, Shawna Finley, Cynthia Hawkins, Robert Kusz, Elizabeth Metcalfe and Payton Sandlin
  • Holly Pond High—Crystal Laney
  • Parkside – Meghan Block, Kendra Dowski, Kathy Gorham, Jeffrey Greer, Rhonda Howse and Meaghen Woodis
  • Vinemont Elementary – Karen Hanson, Jamie Johnson, Amy Page and Kendra Richard Vinemont Middle – Thomas Arbet and Kaitlinn Paige McKissack
  • Welti – Katara Davidson, Jennifer Hays and Teri Pitts
  • West Point Elementary – Jennifer Brown, Amy Doherty, Melissa McCullar and Jessica Taylor / Subs: Jacklyn Keller, Cynde Roberts, Amber Thornton and Gwendel Shannon Waters
  • West Point High – Kristy McCrickard and Brittany Peak
  • West Point Middle – Joshua Davis, Tracey Fowler, Amanda Freeman, Sara Elizabeth Freeman, Pamela Sheree Harbison, Rebecca Harper, Joquitta Posey and Nick White
  • Supplement to the following local school athletic directors:
  • Adam McKinnon, Cold Springs Elementary School (K-8) – $750
  • Adam McKinnon, Cold Springs High – $1,500
  • Kenneth Griffin, Fairview Center – $750
  • Brian Simmons, Fairview High – $1,500
  • Brian Scott Brown, Good Hope Mid – $750
  • Scott Adams, Good Hope High – $1,500
  • Brent Barnett, Hanceville Mid – $750
  • Ryan Brewer, Hanceville High – $1,500
  • Taylor Appling, Harmony – $500
  • Daniel Weaver, Holly Pond K-8 – $750
  • James Brett Neal, Holly Pond High – $1,500
  • Meghan Block, Parkside – $500
  • Christopher Kyle Chamblee, Vinemont Middle – $750
  • Roy Todd Johnson, Vinemont High – $1,500
  • Joshua Davis, West Point Center – $750
  • Don Farley, West Point High – $1,500
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The following applications for field trips abroad have been granted:

  • West Point Middle School

Date: October 7, 2022, to Chattanooga

Responsible Persons: Tracie Caretti, Allison Morgan, Chanda Harbison, Kate Crider; Group/Class: Fourth grade

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Type of trip: charter bus

Purpose: Tennessee Aquarium-Learning about the ecosystems, wildlife, and the impact that the Tennessee Valley River System is having on Alabama

Date: October 20, 2022, to Indianapolis

Responsible: Ethan Lake

Trip Type: Private Vehicle

Purpose: To participate in the national FFA Livestock judging competition

The following offers were approved:

  • Hanceville High School-(3) Wall Mounted HVAC Units $28,851 from Mingledorff’s
  • Emergency Milk Supply for Child Nutrition Department $12,404.50 per week from Purity Dairies

The Board approved the payment of a $1,200 per month surcharge to Alice Page from October 1, 2022 to September 30, 2024 to administer ESSER fund accounts. Also approved was the payment of a $5,000 surcharge to Connie Underwood to be paid during the FY23 school year, effective October 1, 2022, for additional assignments.

The school system’s fall break is October 10-11. The next school board meeting will be on Thursday 13th October with the working session starting at 3:30pm followed by the regular meeting.

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