Can’t criticise Islam in Kerala: C Ravichandran- The New Indian Express

Through Express Message Service

Academic and co-founder of the atheist collective EsSENSE Global,

C Ravichandran opens to TNIE. Excerpts from an interview

What is the purpose of litmus meetings?
Fact-based politics is one of them. Politics is now based entirely on lies, claims and counterclaims. Nothing to do with facts. A leader recently said in court, “We did not resort to violence in the congregation, sir.” We all saw the video, didn’t we? So wasn’t it a white lie, an insult to the public? Similarly, when a government presents a positive project, the opposing parties cause an uproar. For example, let’s say the K-Rail project or the Farm Bills. No one looks at the merit… just blind resistance is what is happening now. Another focus is evidence-based medicine. The third point is of course the demand for a humanistic society.
You said recently that Communism has become a religion…

I call it the fourth religion. Communism by vote is negligent; In most countries they come to power by force. It is based on absolutism. In my view, no single class should have power over others. Then it becomes fascism. The followers or communists behave like devotees. The “religion” has a prophet and a book written by him. If one questions anything, one becomes a “Varga Vanchakan (traitor)”. They also cling to economic superstitions. The difference is that economic superstitions affect society as a whole, not just one community like other religions!

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Why do you support CAA-NRC?
Yes. The Citizenship Amendment Act only confers citizenship [to persecuted minorities of Afghanistan, Pakistan and Bangladesh], and does not take it away. However, in 1976 we added secularism to our constitution. So you cannot discriminate against any religion. But as a country we need a citizenship register. So we need a CAA-NRC implemented without filtering by religion.

They were against reservation…
Caste is a collectivist idea. Restraint never benefits people who are truly backward or marginalized. It’s a myth. It helps the Creme, the Lords caste and the Lord caste.

Lately you’ve been referred to as ‘Sanghi’…
I have long criticized the Sangh and Hindutva. I am against all religions and belief systems. There was a time when I was called a communist. But when I started criticizing Islam and reservations, I got a new title. Because in Kerala one cannot criticize Islam. In some people, the hand then begins to tremble.

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