CAMX 2022 exhibit preview: Held Technologie GmbH

double belt press.

Picture credits: Held Technologie GmbH

Double belt presses from Held Technologie GmbH (Trossingen, Germany) are considered the ideal production systems for the continuous production of sheet and plate materials in a throughput process. Through various processes such as continuous laminating, compacting, strengthening and smoothing, these systems enable the multi-layer processing of different materials such as foils, prepregs, fabrics, fiber mats, granules or powder. According to the company, the isobaric pressing process developed by Held Technologie is characterized by highly efficient heat transfer and constant surface pressure in the entire process zone.

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Based on the material properties and the desired performance, belt speed, temperature and pressure can be adjusted to the desired parameters. According to Held, the temperature can be regulated separately in zones — up to 400°C in the heating zones and 20°C in the cooling zones — the belt speed can be adjusted up to 20 m/min and the pressure up to 80 bar (1,160 psi) .

The flexible and robust process can also be adapted to the requirements of the raw materials and offers the best conditions for manufacturing high-quality and durable products. For example, thermoplastic composites made from recyclable fibers can replace metallic materials to reduce costs and achieve a range of sustainability outcomes across the supply chain, with a positive impact on the environmental footprint. Especially in the areas of (lightweight) construction, ballistics, automotive, aerospace, energy and electronics, Held makes an important contribution by providing resource-saving, innovative technologies.

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In addition to investing in their own system, customers have the option of chartering the double belt presses provided by Held in its own technology park for test and production runs. For example, Held, in cooperation with well-known scientific institutes, is constantly developing new materials and production processes that aim to exceed the requirements of current industries.

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Held is currently developing a new generation of isobaric double belt presses, taking into account tomorrow’s requirements and future trends in rapidly developing industries, influenced by legal regulations, digitization and sustainability efforts. According to the company, the new generation of double belt presses will set new standards in the development and production of innovative high-performance composite materials.

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