Breaking down the South Dakota Prep Media football poll for the week of Sept. 26: C-S keeps climbing – Mitchell Republic

MITCHELL – Another week brought another win for the Corsica-Stickney football program, but the Sept. 23 triumph over Avon was the Jaguars’ most influential yet.

Aided by a loss to Class 9B No. 3 Sully Buttes last week (46-6 to No. 1 Herreid/Selby Area) and an idle week for No. 4 De Smet, the Jaguars’ 36-28 loss to an Avon- team remained on the edge of the rankings was enough to propel CS from fifth to third place in this week’s poll.

Heading into an idle week of their own, the Jaguars accumulated 37 points, just surpassing the 35 points accumulated by Sully Buttes, though top spots HSA and No. 2 Hitchcock-Tulare currently have the top spots locked in with 89 and 73 points, respectively.

Corsica-Stickney will spring into action for a home meet with Freeman/Marion/Freeman Academy on October 7 before the regular season wraps up at Sully Buttes on October 14. The Phoenix and Chargers are tied 9-2 through Sept. 23, and as such, a loss before the postseason should give the Jaguars two significant tests.

Notably, the HSA ceded a first-place vote to the Patriots this week after being unanimously No. 1 for three straight weeks. Hitchcock-Tulare has won all six competitions by at least 30 points, scored at least 50 points in all but one game, and has had a season best with 76 points.

In a similar vein to Hitchcock-Tulare, who snagged a first vote from HSA, Hamlin stole a top vote from Howard in Class 9AA.

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Although Wall Howard denied unanimous control of the top spot in Class 9AA for most of the season by scoring a first-place vote or two in many polls, the Tigers were unanimously No. 1 last week. Hamlin made sure that the run was short-lived.

The Chargers rolled over Class 9A No. 3 Castlewood, 61-20, on the street on Sept. 23, halving the gap between them and the No. 2 wall to 13 this week from 27 points last week. Hamlin has an excellent opportunity this week to draw more votes in his direction by once again qualifying for a showdown with Class 9A No. 2 Warner goes on the road.

Elk Point-Jefferson is among the most impressive teams in the state regardless of class, which has allowed the No. 3 Class 11B Huskies to hold steady against No. 2 Bridgewater-Emery/Ethan.

While both teams have won every game to date, the way the Huskies have won all of their games has become increasingly undeniable.

September 23 was the Huskies’ fifth game and resulted in a 61-7 home win over Flandreau, but it was the first time this season that EPJ allowed an opponent to score. For the season, EPJ outscored opponents 251-7 and won all but one game under the 50-point rule. As a result, the Huskies have reduced the once-26-point lead between themselves and the Seahawks to a single point. BEE is playing in Bridgewater this week as the #1 winner.

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Eventually, in class 9AA, Elkton-Lake Benton broke into the top five. Despite a 6-0 start, the Elks were trapped just outside the leaderboard behind one-loss teams of Hanson and Parkston. The latter was ousted this week (16 votes to 11), though the Elks and Trojans (5-1) had nearly identical 50-point rule wins on Sept. 23. Parkston is now the only team in the class to receive votes outside of the top five.

South Dakota Prep Media’s football polls for the week of September 26 are listed below and indicate the top five teams in each class. First place votes received are given in parentheses.

Class 11AAA
1. Sioux Falls Jefferson (18), 5-0, 90; 2. O’Gorman, 4-1, 71; 3. Harrisburg, 4-1, 55; 4. Brandon Valley, 3-2, 32; 5. Sioux Falls Lincoln, 2-3, 20.
Also receiving votes: Rapid City Stevens 1, Sioux Falls Washington 1.

Class 11AA
1.Pierre (18), 5-0, 90; 2nd Tea Area, 5-0, 72; 3. Yankton, 3-2, 47; 4. Brookings, 4-1, 43; 5. Aberdeen Central, 2-3, 16.
Others get votes: Sturgis 1, Spearfish 1.

Class 11A
1. West Central (14), 5-0, 86; 2. Dell Rapids (4), 5-0, 76; 3. Beresford, 4-1, 53; 4. Dakota Valley, 4-1, 28; T-5. Sioux Falls Christian, 3-2, 12; T-5. Canton, 2-3, 12th
Others get votes: Lennox 3.

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Class 11B
1st winner (18), 5-0, 90; 2. Bridgewater-Emery/Ethan, 5-0, 63; 3. Elk Point Jefferson, 5-0, 62; 4. Mount Vernon/Plankinton, 6-0, 34; 5. Aberdeen Roncalli, 5-0, 16.
Others get votes: St. Thomas More 3, Hot Springs 2.

Class 9AA
1. Howard (17), 6-0, 87; 2nd wall, 6:0, 68; 3. Hamlin (1), 6-0, 55; 4. Hanson, 4-1, 33; 5. Elkton-Lake Benton, 6-0, 16.
Others get votes: Parkston 11.

Class 9A
1. Gregory (17), 5-0, 88; 2. Warner (1), 5-0, 73; 3. Castlewood, 4-1, 40; 4. Alcester-Hudson, 6-0, 38; 5.Lyman, 4-1, 23.
Others get votes: Harding County/Bison 7, Canistota 1.

Class 9B
1. Herreid v Selby Area (17), 5-0, 89; 2. Hitchcock-Tulare (1), 6-0, 73; 3. Corsica-Stickney, 5-1, 37; 4. Sully Buttes, 5-1, 35; 5. De Smet, 3-2, 27.
Others receive votes: Kadoka Area 6, Faith 3.


[2] O’Gorman (11AAA) @ [1] SF Jefferson (11AAA)
[3] Harrisburg (11AAA) @ [RV] SF Washington (11AAA)
[5] SF Lincoln (11AAA) @ [RV] RC Stevens (11AAA)
[1] Peter (11AA) @ [4] Brandon Valley (11AAA)
[3] Yankton (11AA) @ [4] Brookings (11AA)
[1] Dell Rapids (11A) @ [3] Beresford (11A)
[RV] Lenovo (11A) @ [4] Dakota Valley (11A)
[1] Winner (11B) @ [2] Bridgewater-Emery/Ethan (11B)
[RV] St Thomas More (11B) @ [5] Aberdeen Roncalli (11B)
[3] Hamelin (9AA) @ [2] Warner (9A)
[RV] Parkstone (9AA) @ [1] Gregory (9A)
[RV] Harding County/Bison (9A) @ [2] wall (9AA)