Brad Pitt Has a Skincare Line Now or Something?

Photography courtesy of Moon Juice

Including Moon Juice’s new antioxidant fix and an acne pledge from Dermalogica.

Brad Pitt is making the foray into skincare

Every celebrity under the sun seems to have a skincare line these days. There’s Florence by Mills (Millie Bobby Brown), JLo Beauty (Jennifer Lopez), and Keys Soulcare (Alicia Keys), and that’s hardly the surface of this crowded category. When Brad Pitt announced the launch of his genderless skincare line, Le Domaine, we rolled our eyes together. Because do we really need more celebrity-backed beauty? And what exactly does Brad Pitt even know about skin care? But when you learn that the new venture was inspired by the skincare benefits of grape skins (Pitt has his own wine company), it seems like a more organic transition for the actor. And when you factor in his friendship with former flame Gwyneth Paltrow, who found massive success with Goop, it all makes a little more sense. But will it be a hit in a saturated market? Only time can tell.

Moon Juice unveils its final launch of the summer, G Pack

Photography courtesy of Moon Juice

Looking for a new antioxidant fix? Look no further because Moon Juice uses Vitamin C to increase elasticity and ultimately protect your skin. In a never-before-seen formula, G Pack is the first skin care product to combine 10 percent glutathione, 50 percent vitamin C, and three percent ferulic acid, combined into a product that promotes natural collagen, minimizes the appearance of skin wrinkles, wrinkles and melasma, and protects the skin from environmental toxins. Of course, it’s a stable blend that also protects the bottled antioxidants. Mix with Moon Juice’s coveted Plump Jelly for extra shine and moisture.

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Dermalogica adopts the Cancel Acne Censorship Pledge

Acne should not be a source of shame. That’s why Dermalogica announced for Acne Awareness Month that it is adopting the Cancel Acne Censorship Pledge. The goal? To combat the unrealistic beauty standards that bombard us daily and to promote better body image and mental health for young people. Not only is Dermalogica updating its image guidelines, but the brand is also collecting signatures from people who want to see more unretouched skin in ad campaigns and marketing. For every signature, $1 will be donated to the Canadian Mental Health Association. Sign the promise now.

DESIGNME unveils Fab.ME, its first blonde shampoo

Photography courtesy of DESIGNME

Brass is a blonde’s worst enemy. That’s why every light-haired guy or girl knows to stock up on purple shampoo. The latest blonde-friendly offering is DESIGNME’s new Fab.ME Blonde Fortifying Purple Shampoo. It neutralizes warm tones, moisturizes and replenishes strands, leaving hair looking healthy, strong and oh-so-icy. Leave in the shower for three minutes, then apply a leave-in conditioner like Fab.ME Leave-In Treatment.

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Glamzilla and Nudestix are collaborating on a three-piece makeup kit

Want to simplify your makeup routine? TikTok star and makeup artist Stephanie Valentine (aka Glamzilla) and Canadian beauty brand Nudestix have the answer: an easy no-filter skin makeup kit. It includes three products: a matte bronzer in a shade called Manila, designed by Valentine, and two of her favorite Nudestix products (a matte blush in Nude Buff and a Blot & Blur Matte Stick). The kit, which helps create a soft, shine-free look that’s photo-ready, is currently available on but will be available at other retailers in October.

Tata Harper’s exfoliating cleanser for reactive skin hits shelves

Tata Harper Superkind Refining Cleanser
Photography courtesy of Tata Harper

A pioneer in green beauty, Tata Harper is renowned for its potent, results-driven formulas. The new Superkind Refining Cleanser promises something similar: 21 powerful ingredients that cleanse and exfoliate reactive skin. If you have a stressed-out complexion prone to irritation, this gentle formulation could be the perfect solution. It contains exfoliants such as rice powder, cranberry enzymes and lactic acid for gentle mechanical and chemical exfoliation, gotu kola (known as the “miracle elixir of life”) for added soothing, and a tetra-lipid complex to strengthen the skin barrier. It is now available at retailers across Canada including Etiket, The Detox Market and Holt Renfrew.

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The Body Shop relies on edelweiss for its latest collection

The Body Shop Edelweiss Bouncy Sleep Mask
Photography courtesy of The Body Shop

If you were a fan of musicals or Julie Andrews, you probably know how to hum The sound of music‘s Edelweiss song on cue. But you may not know much about the edelweiss itself, a small white flower that looks like a daisy and grows in the Alps. Thanks to The Body Shop’s new Edelweiss collection, you’ll become much more familiar. Available now in store and online, the range capitalizes on the goodness of alpine plants that can withstand cold temperatures and harsh winds. This property makes it perfect for a skincare line that aims to moisturize, smooth and protect the skin’s barrier from environmental stressors. Expect products like a serum concentrate sheet mask, liquid scrub, bouncy sleep mask, and more.

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