Boyfriend Venmo Requested Girlfriend $7 for Cold Medicine

TikToker Jackie (@jackieli852) went viral after sharing a story about the time she sent her Venmo request after picking up some cold medicine for her ex-boyfriend when he was sick.

Commenters were shocked by the man’s bravery, with many saying it’s normal to want to take medicine for someone who’s sick, even if they’re just acquaintances. It’s totally wrong to expect money from them, even when it’s a significant other, claim TikTokers.

Jackie’s video begins with a stitch from that her boyfriend told her on Venmo about a cheesesteak he bought for her. The text overlay reads: “My future bf: please don’t do this to me.”

Jackie recounts a time when she was feeling really sick and asked her boyfriend to pick up some DayQuil from CVS.

“We go home, he gives me medicine, I want to thank you very much, I go to sleep with it. The next day I woke up and Venmo had charged me seven dollars for this drug,” says Jackie. “Like, okay, get your bag but like, we’ve been dating for four years at that point.”

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“I think I like a relationship where it’s like, ‘Hey I’ll get this, you’ll get this next time,'” she continued. “We’re not the type to keep track of our spending dollar for dollar, I should have known but you know, we’re not together anymore, it wasn’t meant to be.”

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Jackie’s clip hits on a common source of conflict between couples: money. CNBC writes that people are 10 times more likely to leave their partner if they are not good at managing their money. There are many other examples of fictitious relationship strife littering the web where people point out that money, in one capacity or another, played a role in couples deciding to go their separate ways.

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Jackie thought it was ridiculous that he’d been dating for four years and would ask for seven dollars after getting medicine when he was sick, and there were many other commenters who believed the move killed any kind of romance between the two.

“Take it… not the medicine… not the $7,” one user wrote.

“Taking cold medicine on the way home isn’t very cute or sweet,” argued another. “It’s literally something you shouldn’t ask.”

“My jaw dropped when you said 4 years,” said one user. “Can’t even get you cold medicine without a Venmo request after 4 years.”

“Take your bag? He was not embarrassed how it was 7 dollars,” agreed another.

“You’ve been running this thing for 4 years,” said one user.

One viewer wrote, “I’d do this for a colleague without asking for compensation.” “Like literally when someone calls outside of work I ask if they need medication and either smth or DoorDash stop by with medication.”

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The Daily Dot reached out to Jackie via TikTok comments for more information.


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*First published: November 26, 2022, 11:39 am CST

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