Better Business Bureau Offers Tips For Homeowners Affected By Flooding

OAKLAND, CA – The Better Business Bureau offers some tips for homeowners affected by flooding.

Homeowners are urged to exercise caution when selecting a business or contractor to perform renovations.

Homeowners are urged to check their insurance policies for coverage. Flood damage is not covered by homeowners and renters insurance policies.

But residents of high-risk areas may need to carry flood insurance through the National Flood Insurance Program.

Take photos of storm damage to show your insurance company. National Flood Insurance Program policies are sold by insurance companies.

Avoid making permanent changes to the property before getting approval from the home insurance company. Any changes without the permission of the insurance company cannot be covered by the policy.

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The Better Business Bureau recommends getting multiple opinions before hiring a contractor. Avoid high pressure tactics and businesses that are unreliable.

Property owners can search for reputable businesses at

Property owners are asked to verify that the contractor has liability insurance, workers’ compensation insurance and proper licensing to perform the repairs.

Ask for a written contract from the hired contractor. Clear, detailed proposals are proof that the contractor has prepared a thorough and accurate estimate.

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Officials with the Better Business Bureau also recommend being aware of people taking advantage of homeowners who want to make quick repairs to their homes.

Red flags to watch out for include a door-to-door salesperson who claims to have leftover items, a contractor who shows up unannounced and says the home is unsafe, contractors who require full payment before repairs are completed, and Business from a local address.

Check that the door-to-door salesperson is recognized and licensed if the housing association requires it. Avoid signing front door sales pitches.

Anyone concerned about structural damage to their home should consult an engineer, architect or building official. Also, be careful with roofing contractors. Unethical contractors may cause harm to get the job done.

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When underpaying for work in California, don’t pay more than 10 percent of the total contract or $1,000, whichever is less, according to the BBB.

Finally, businesses that do not have a permanent address may be a cause for concern.

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