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Giving birth is one of the most beautiful experiences women can have and as you go through the pregnancy and birth process you can feel how connected you are to other life that is arising within you, but there are many changes in a woman’s body what during happened during pregnancy. There are many hormonal changes that some people can experience depression from, some people may experience swelling, fatigue and nausea as these are common issues encountered during pregnancy.

Pooja Nagdev, aromatherapist, beautician and founder of Inatur, which champions Ayurveda and aromatherapy, explained in an interview with HT Lifestyle that they try to balance your chakras and align the mind and body, which helps to heal the body naturally way to treat way. She said: “The essential oil is a great gift for relieving the symptoms of pregnancy. They bring a lot of relaxation and also help in improving blood circulation. These essential oils aid in emotional healing and uplift emotional health. You can use it as a compress, as a bath, as a foot massage, or for a general body massage, or in a facial, or in aroma lamp diffusion as essential oil can be used in many ways.”

Noting that women’s stomachs expand during pregnancy, which causes a lot of stretch marks, she said, “You have to make sure the body isn’t dry and that there’s no scaling. There are also essential oils or pure carrier oils such as wheat germ oil, almond oil and pure oils that can be massaged into the body. A mixture can be made by adding lavender oil and chamomile oil. There are many essential oils that are just perfect for pregnancy and you don’t have to think. For example, if one has a problem like fluid retention, which is Ademar, a foot spa is very good for that. A few drops of lavender oil and a few drops of orange patchouli oil can be added to water and applied to the feet. If you have poor circulation, you can have a massage with rose essential oil or lavender oil mixed with vegetable oil.”

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If you have varicose vein pain, which is likely to happen, Pooja Nagdev suggested, “You have to take vegetable oil and five drops of some lavender oil, geranium oil and lemongrass oil and apply it. When you have a toothache, doctors usually advise you not to take many medications during pregnancy. So, clove oil is very good. You can just put something in your mouth and apply clove oil directly, or put a clove in your mouth. The more natural we are, the more reliable our feelings are. This is how I believe you can support and have a beautiful pregnancy full of immunity with natural ingredients and essential oils.”

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Ozone Signature Founder Sanchi Sehgal recommended some ingredients safe to use during pregnancy and how you can change your skincare routine to protect your baby’s safety and well-being:

1. Vitamin C One component that women likely had in their routine well before pregnancy is vitamin C. The good news is that you can use it when baby is on board too.

2. Vitamin E Vitamin E, sometimes referred to as tocopherol, is an additional antioxidant alternative. It has the benefit of preventing the appearance of age spots and is safe to use during pregnancy.

3. Hyaluronic Acid- It is an amazing ingredient for pregnant women. Your skin can become itchy and dry during pregnancy, so hyaluronic acid is the best option to soothe your skin.

4. Natural Ingredients- Turmeric is an excellent ingredient for all skin problems. It is useful in treating acne breakouts, scars and uneven skin tone, eczema. Since turmeric has antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties that are scientifically proven to give you a brighter and more radiant complexion, you can safely use it as a skin care product during pregnancy. To take care of your skin, you can use natural products like aloe vera, coconut oil, shea butter and almond oil or choose products with these ingredients.

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According to Rhythm Vats Bhardwaj, co-founder of Riyo Herbs India, we have a huge range of skin care products made specifically for different parts of our skin where you can try different products with different formulations and choose what suits your skin best but You can’t get this privilege while pregnant. Then it is important to use skin care products that will not harm you or your baby.

She warned, “If you plan to completely skip your skincare routine, it will leave your skin more vulnerable. A woman goes through extreme hormonal changes during pregnancy that have a major impact on her skin. Some common skin problems are hormonal acne, pigmentation and stretch marks.”

She advised: “The most basic skincare routine you could follow is gentle and unscented products, but when you’re ready to get a proper routine just remember to avoid products containing hydroquinone, arbutin, retinoids and salicylic acid. You can always opt for products that contain hyaluronic acid, vitamin C, azelaic acid and lactic acid. These are suitable for all skin types and safe for a pregnant woman. Also, if you use medical products, consult your dermatologist before making any new product choices.”