Assessing Sioux City’s business health as retailers arrive, new development slows

SIOUX CITY (KTIV) – You’ve probably noticed the new retail businesses in town: Crumble Cookie, Boat Barn and Aldi, just to name a few. We’ve begun to measure Sioux City’s overall business health, but exact metrics are difficult to come by.

KTIV spoke with private business, real estate and local government officials to get their sense of how Sioux City businesses are doing.

Think about it: All the major retailers you can think of have taken a break during the COVID-19 pandemic. But now that we’re on the back of the pandemic, all these companies are rushing in, claiming there’s a retail presence that hasn’t already been captured.

For now, that’s good news for businesses in Sioux City. New stores like Crumble Cookies, Hotworks and Fazoli’s are giving consumers more options than before the pandemic, says Chris Boganriff.

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“I would say the overall health, though, of our local economy has been very strong and has remained very resilient throughout the pandemic,” said Chris Boganriff, president of NAI United, a commercial real estate firm.

The renaissance of the retail business will soon hit a brick wall, largely due to lack of space.

“It’s just the demand of the last two years, that hasn’t been met, and they’ve filled the vacancies. But what you haven’t seen is a lot of retail development, because construction costs are going through the roof because of supply chain issues. ” said Boganriff.

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City officials say they don’t keep a list of active businesses, making it difficult to calculate how many businesses Sioux City has gained or lost. Officials say the city is not recruiting new businesses, but is trying to encourage new development.

“Yeah, I think with the growth that’s happening here, you’re going to see some new, some new shopping places, they might look a little different, you know, they won’t be big malls, maybe. But you’ll see That some new development is going to happen in the next few years,” said Marty Dougherty, Sioux City’s director of economic development.

Crumble Cookies is one of those new retailers. With 600 stores, they chose Sioux City for a new location that opened this September.

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“Almost every day, we had customers coming up and saying you have to come to Sioux City come to Sioux City. And so we came down and looked at the market. We liked the research that we saw and here at Stone’s Found an amazing location next door, and decided we couldn’t pass it up,” said Colby Wilson, area manager for Crumble Cookies.

Assessing the health of a small business can be very difficult, says Bogengev. But a study his company conducted showed that more businesses actually opened their doors than closed here in Sioux City during the pandemic.


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