AppliedVR awarded contract to provide VR-based pain treatment

December 9, 2022 – Applied VR, a provider of immersive therapeutics advancing a new virtual reality (VR) approach to medicine, this week announced an agreement with the US Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) to provide its FDA-cleared RelieVRx (formerly EaseVRx) solution. select veterans affected by chronic low back pain (CLBP). AppliedVR has been awarded a contract by the VHA Innovation Ecosystem, a division of the VA that discovers, evaluates and disseminates mission-driven innovations that accelerate the delivery of care to Veterans.

The Veterans Health Administration (VHA) provides care to more than 9 million veterans across the US, making it the nation’s largest integrated health care system. According to AppliedVR, more than 50 percent of veterans receiving care at VHA facilities nationwide suffer from chronic pain. AppliedVR noted that it shares a common vision with the VHA Innovation Ecosystem to transform chronic pain care for America’s veterans by enabling greater access to non-pharmacological, non-invasive treatment options such as virtual reality (VR).

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Through the collaborative effort, healthcare providers at 18 VA facilities will be able to prescribe the RelieVRx program to veterans for use in their homes. RelieVRx is an FDA-approved home immersive VR pain treatment indicated as an adjunctive treatment for CLBP. An eight-week program has been clinically proven to reduce the severity of pain and the interference of pain in the lives of people with CLBP. IN a recent follow-up study of a clinical trialAccording to AppliedVR, the RelieVRx system has also been shown to provide lasting effects six months after treatment.

“Chronic pain is difficult to treat – historically, pharmacological interventions such as opioids and NSAIDs, or invasive procedures such as injections or surgery, have failed to provide relief for too many patients, leaving them with a bleak outlook. Current guidelines call for integrated pain management and immersive therapeutics , such as RelieVRx, provide multidimensional therapy in a single, easy-to-use device. Our evidence-based immersive therapeutics can help veterans manage their chronic low back pain by targeting the biopsychosocial aspects of the condition,” said Matthew Stoudt, CEO and co-founder of AppliedVR. “Working with the VHA Innovation Ecosystem is one of the highest honors for our company because America’s veterans are heroes and deserve the best healthcare in the world that includes the most advanced technology-driven solutions.”

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This week’s announcement marks the latest collaboration between AppliedVR and the VHA Innovation Ecosystem. Two organizations they worked together before deliver VR-based solutions that could comfort veterans in hospice (palliative care) and help improve the quality of life of veterans experiencing general chronic pain, stress, and anxiety in various healthcare settings.

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AppliedVR did not disclose the amount awarded for the VHA Innovation Ecosystem contract in its announcement. However, at the end of September this year, the company was awarded a contract worth $500,000 to provide medical and surgical instruments, equipment and supplies. Auganix has asked the company for an explanation.

For more information about AppliedVR and its VR-based immersive therapy solutions, please visit the company’s website Website.

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