Apple’s Hottest New Accessory is $330 Physical Lock

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Arguably one of the newest devices hitting Apple Store shelves this week isn’t even a device at all, it’s a to close.

Unlike dumb old locks that require physical keys that are incredibly cumbersome and extremely difficult to operate, the new Level Lock+ smart lock can unlock a door with a simple touch from an iPhone or Apple Watch. It also costs almost $350.

Apple’s exclusive product designed by Level Home is designed to seamlessly integrate with Apple’s home key feature. Apple Home users can add the digital key to their Apple Wallet, which they can then use to sign in through one of their linked devices. While previous smart locks could work with Apple products, Level Lock+ offers more integrated home support, allowing you to use unique features like power reserve that allows users to unlock their home up to five hours after that your device has run out of charge. There’s also a normal keyhole for anyone who can’t really find a charger. According to CNBC, the Level Lock + is the first Home compatible key sold in the Apple store.

Users can set their door to automatically unlock when they approach using an “Auto Lock” feature and you can also use Siri to unlock the device using your voice. Since Apple stores your key digitally, users can choose to share access to the key with other home users. That’s helpful for friends and family, but potentially even more helpful in the short term.temporary stays in Airbnbs or other rentals. Smart locks, along with smart doorbell systems, have gained popularity in recent years, with some Dear forecasting that the sector could be worth $8.13 billion by 2030.

“Consumer behavior has evolved to rely on technological improvements to make secure access more convenient,” said John Martin, co-founder and CEO of Level Home, in a statement. “Our habits are more digitally intertwined than ever.”

Apple is on a mission to exterminate traditional keys and wallets, whether you’re ready for it or not. A bunch of car manufacturers including BMW and Hyundai, already allow users to unlock their vehicles with a digital Apple Car Key. On the hospitality front, more and more hotels are allowing Apple users to add a version of their room key card to their Apple Wallet.

Aside from locks and keys, Apple Pay stands out as one of the most successful digital payment systems ever developed. electronic marketer Dear Apple Pay had roughly 43.9 million users last year, making it the top mobile payment player by a wide margin. This year, Apple began allowing Arizona residents Store a digital version of your driver’s license in an Apple Wallet.


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