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Our Business Club members experienced a deep freeze last week as part of a get-together of a different kind.

Members of the FIT Partnership at Worple Road Mews in Wimbledon entered the on-site cryotherapy chamber for three minutes while being subjected to freezing temperatures of -60ºC to -110ºC!

But fear not, it’s a process that triggers a fight or flight response in the body, which has amazing benefits for your overall health. Not only does it increase your metabolism, but the chamber also boosts your immune system and releases endorphins.

Watch the video footage of the event on our official YouTube channel.

This exercise formed part of the event for the local business representatives in attendance, whilst also offering a range of refreshments in a great setting for networking among members.

Also present that evening was our Head of Sports Science, Chris McConnell, who provided an insight into how our players are benefiting from leveraging the partnership’s cutting-edge technologies.

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“Agreements like this allow us to offer our players better care that we wouldn’t otherwise have,” he said. “I think it’s great that the club has decided to branch out. We have been working with the FIT partnership for two and a half years and rely heavily on them for our recovery protocol, especially when games are overloaded.

“If we have games on Saturdays and Tuesdays, we bring the starting players here on a Monday before training ahead of Tuesday’s game. It helps them freshen up before training and it promotes their overall recovery before the game. More recently we’ve had mid to long term rehab players with other machines to help them through this process. Overall we use it for a third/half of the season.”

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The importance of these networking events was not lost on Chris either, as he stressed how important it is for our club to continue to network with the local community.

“It’s fantastic. The association is deeply connected to its community. Gatherings like this underpin that ethos and underscore the good work that is being done. Not only does it benefit us, but it also helps project these businesses more broadly.”

Join the business club

The variety and exclusivity of the club’s monthly events, held in different locations, make it unique and create atmospheres conducive to business opportunities.

A great feature of the Business Club is the wide variety of industries represented: construction, travel, electrical, health and fitness, legal, IT, consulting, printing, chemical, retail, media, marketing, entertainment, finance, automotive and many more.

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Our goal is to bring club members together to network and do business and we hope this will create great opportunities for all involved in the future. The Business Club website offers brand exposure and interaction with our fan base, some offer special buyer offers for AFC Wimbledon fans and partners. Visit the AFCW Business Club website to learn more about our members and for more information.

Working with local businesses and strengthening networks between businesses and the club’s partners will be beneficial to both the club and the community in the long term.

membership costs £500+VAT and grants access to our monthly events and promotions through our website and other social media channels.

If you are interested in joining the Business Club or have any questions, please contact Pietro Palladino at [email protected] or 0208 547 3336.

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