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Taiwan-China geopolitical tensions have created a loop for Taiwan in Indian headlines. We can continue to use this period of tension to explore Taiwan.

In today’s world, there are many priorities to consider when it comes to Taiwan. While we are talking about Burj Khalifa, the Taipei 101 was not that well known in the world.

It is the first skyscraper with a height of more than half a kilometer and, of course, the tallest building before the Burj Khalifa.

Taiwan is a premier destination for high-tech industries, it smothers everyone with love, affection and empathy to such an extent that few foreigners are proud to have the word “台灣” (Taiwan) tattooed on their forehead.

During the COVID era, Taiwan carved its signature by successfully containing the spread of COVID-19. About 100 miles (160 km) off the coast of southeast China, with 10,000 passengers a day, the island has not easily contained the spread of COVID without a one-day lockdown. His widely respected healthcare system, tech-savvy mindset, and proper government protocols are the keys to achieving such success.

And their proactive maintenance system crowned Taiwan with a GDP growth of 3.11% in 2021. Taiwan is also much admired as one of the “four super innovators” alongside Germany, the US and Switzerland. Many technology experts say Taiwan would play a crucial role in the next industrial revolution. But for ordinary people, Taiwan remains under a curtain due to a lack of awareness. Here is an endless list to praise Taiwan as the best travel destination for foreigners.

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For example, as a technology guru, Taiwan has taken the helm of the world’s semiconductor industry and is admired as a leading chip maker. It fills the gap of more than 50% of total global supply and 92% of advanced semiconductors.

In this high-tech century, we have seen the chip crisis lead the world to restless tech productivity, and Taiwan is the messiah of the world.

Their track record is not limited to industrial advances, but the country is known as one of the most comfortable countries in the world. As an aging nation, Taiwan has increased its level of convenience in every aspect, from transportation to 24-hour convenience stores. Their barrier-free facilities for the elderly and disabled are lessons for the modern world.

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A population of 23 million cannot be lucrative for a huge marketplace. But these band-savvy people buy most of the luxury cars and fashion items in the world. Name a famous brand and you can find it in Taipei. As a business consultant, I have seen the market impact of a wide range of fashion brands on this island.

Image: Tsai Ing-wen Twitter

Today, 5,000 Indians live in Taiwan. Students and expats from different places bring a rich Indian culture and a unique diversification has been observed here. With an expected rise in the population of Indian descent, Taiwan is poised to welcome foreign talent from various countries, among which India is one of its favorite vantage points.

Amid COVID-19, when the world faces job terminations and employment imbalance, it is worth noting that Taiwanese recruitment platforms are wide open to skilled and talented people, including students. With world-class universities and advanced research institutions, Taiwan has also become a strong contender as a burgeoning destination for higher education.

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Considering this positive cooperation, India and Taiwan are constantly striving to safeguard each other’s efforts. There’s a chance that India’s goal of building a manufacturing hub will be escalated somewhat by Taiwan’s foreign investment.

In recent years, China-based Taiwanese companies have started shifting their investments to India. About 150 companies including Pegatron, Wistron and Foxconn have relocated to India.

This move will not only create a better alternative to Chinese-made products, but also boost employment in the local market. Therefore, it might be time to introduce India – Taiwan’s core competitiveness and mutual cooperation pattern – to the general public. And this mutual recognition can only extend to sustainable cooperation.

(The author is Senior Counsel at Louis & Charles Attorneys at Law, Taiwan)

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