The 90s were one of the golden eras for sitcoms, dramas and comedies that were bit-sized 30 minutes (including commercials). inside America’s Sexiest CoupleWritten by Ken Levine Cheers Fame, TV has changed, and so have Craig McAllister (John Morogillo) and Susan White (Kari Luther), who play Jeff and Jill, aka America’s Sexiest Couple, respectively. residents. after residents, Susan and Craig go their separate ways, but meet again in Syracuse, New York to attend a castmate’s funeral. Sparks fly as the two on-screen lovers reflect on their careers and life after their fame fades. Production of the best medicine representative America’s Sexiest CoupleDirected by Kathleen Barth, explores the relationship between Susan and Craig and how residents affected their lives.

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Morgoiello and Luther definitely have on-stage chemistry. Craig and Susan argue, joke, and tease each other as if they’ve known each other for years, which makes sense since they’ve both collaborated on many projects together in real life. Tensions are especially high when they discuss their ex-relationships with their wives and the ups and downs of acting.

Yes, there is sex in this drama, and it’s done in rom-com style. Craig and Susan are fun bumping around in the dark together. Kudos to the play’s director of intimacy, Emily Sucher, for the playful choreography and movement of this intimate and hilarious scene.

Review: America's Sexiest Couple in Best Medicine Rep
Bellboy (Fletcher Love) takes a selfie with Susan (Kari Luther) in America’s Sexiest Couple’s production of Best Medicine Rap. Photographed by Mia Amado.

If there is a crowd of two, the company of three. Enter The Bellboy (Fletcher Love), a millennial who knows nothing about resident. Watching Craig and Susan try to convince (and bribe) her to watch the show is hilarious. Generational misunderstandings and “clashes” can make for good laughs, if done right, and the dynamic between these millennials and two boomers creates a great environment for jokes to be delivered.

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In sitcoms, there are often episodes devoted to serious topics and America’s Sexiest Couple A very traumatic event ensues, which significantly affects Susan’s life. However, the script does not treat Susan’s trauma with respect and it dismisses her experience.

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Despite the shortcomings of the script, the production of Best Medicine Rep America’s Sexiest Couple A well acted play.

Running time: 1 hour 30 minutes without intermission

Photo credit and caption: CRigg (John Morogillo) comforts Susan (Kari Luther) in a production of America’s Sexiest Couple’s Best Medicine Rep. Photographed by Mia Amado.

Trigger Warning: This production contains mature themes including references to sexual violence.

America’s Sexiest Couple runs through January 29, 2023 at Lakeforest Mall in Gaithersburg, Maryland. Tickets are on sale here.


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