Africa forum hails ‘circular economy’ solutions for climate

MOMBASA, Kenya (AP) – Reducing waste while promoting recycling and reuse, known as the ‘circular economy,’ will be important to stop environmental loss by meeting growing demand with fewer resources and will enable communities to cope with climate change through promotion. sustainable practices on the African continent, organizers of the World Economic Forum said on Wednesday.

The conference, which brings together climate and economic experts and businesses and ideas, is held in the capital of Rwanda Kigali – the first in the south of the world.

“It is much easier to adapt now than the costs we will incur if we wait,” said Wanjira Maathai of the World Resources Institute at the forum. It is time we look at (the circular economy) as a driver of African development.”

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The three-day forum, which ends on Thursday, advocates a shift to an economic model that promotes the use of less inputs and promotes what are known as renewable agricultural practices such as crop rotation or using fewer chemical fertilizers or pesticides. The talks will push nature-based solutions to enhance natural resources such as restoration. Many on the continent are already exploring how to use waste in new ways.


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