adidas beijing store immerses shoppers in ‘phygital’ installations 

The adidas sanlitun flagship store redefines the shopping experience

As online retail becomes the accepted norm and more consumers prefer to shop from the comfort of their homes, YSP and OUTPUT consider how brands can begin to entice consumers back into the store. Their solution is an immersive and interactive bridge between virtual and physical reality, past and present, to create a customized exhibition-like experience. Renovation Adidas‘Sanlitun global flagship store in Peking, Chinawith a brand new identity, the design team creates a range of multi-sensory ‘phygital’ installation for a fun yet inclusive experience.

From a giant interactive cube with a lottery to buy limited edition products to a digital sound garden where with the help of AR visitors can dance with avatars in their own music video in a digital art exhibition connecting virtual and offline communities every experience is anchored in Adidas’ core values ​​and promotes inclusivity.

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The new adidas store in Beijing will immerse customers in a series of interactive
YSP Completes Adidas Sanlitun Flagship Store in Beijing | all images courtesy of YSP

ysp calls for multi-sensory installation shopping

YSP designs a series of interactive installations that are not only informative and entertaining, but also help build the channel Adidas communicate directly with their consumers and understand their needs by co-creating something new. Focusing on Adidas’ urban culture, the Sound Garden multimedia experience invites visitors to create a personalized music video with the brand through a comprehensive sensory experience.

Here, visitors can dance alongside an on-screen avatar in real time and create their own unique music video. As they dance to the beats created by the background music, an on-screen avatar mirrors their movements to create the album cover and video. In terms of sound, the design team includes two options for recording an individual soundtrack that includes a human voice or a robotic hand that plays an Adidas product as an instrument. As the music plays, a robotic hand hits a sneaker and waves a bag to mimic a drum and sandbag, and pulls a zipper to enhance the soundtrack. As the rhythm beats, the light dances beside it.

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The new adidas store in Beijing will immerse customers in a series of interactive
Hype: LED cube displays eye-catching brand visuals

For a more interactive shopping experience that reinterprets standard linear and limited commercial displays, YSP integrates a giant “4D” LED cube surrounded by futuristic display cases. The Hype multi-sensory display combines digital experience, products, space and time. Brand visuals and products are displayed on a loop along the surface of the cube, while the surrounding capsules feature limited edition products that visitors can vote for to purchase exclusive merchandise.

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The latest piece of digital art, Talk of the Town, bridges the portal between reality and the virtual environment, promoting the connection between Adidas’ online communities and offline activities. Integrated with interactive AR experiences, walls of screens in the shape of immersive gallery exhibitions will activate all the brands on the map to show where Adidas events are taking place in Beijing. Visitors can explore the map and find an activity to join.

The new adidas store in Beijing will immerse customers in a series of interactive
each capsule displays limited edition products and a voting screen


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