Active Lindenwald business owner to sell multiple properties

Doerflin said being a business owner right now was tough for her. It’s been tough since the recent passing of her husband, Dave — who was a floor installer at Buddy’s Carpet and helped with many fix-it-up projects for her business.

“I think there was a part of me that told me I had to give it up,” Doerflin said. “Dave was my world. I absolutely loved Lindenwald, but a little wind knocked me out and I felt it was time for me to sell the property.

“The time is right.”

As the new year draws to a close, Doerflin said he plans to downsize operations, limit the Heaven Sent Coffee Shop menu and donate most of his bookstore’s inventory to Landmark Church in Glendale.

That is until he sells five properties.

“I’m going to sell my buildings and give the bookstore to the church so it can support missions (at Landmark),” Dorflin said. “I would eventually work there on Sundays and cook something called Inbound at their mission.

“I’m basically selling this building so I don’t have to worry about all the financial stuff that goes with all of this.”

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Doerflin said her connection to Lindenwald at a young age was the primary reason she started her business there.

“I grew up here,” she said. “I’m thinking about my memories here with my dad. He died when I was 15. He worked as a meat cutter at Morgan’s – but the last thing people remember is James. is the corner market.

“I went to Cincinnati for a little while, but then, God told me to go back to Lindenwald and be a light,” added Doerflin, who now lives in Fairfield.

This past May marked Dorflin’s 28th year of doing business in Lindenwald.

“I felt like, because of the time I spent at Lindenwald as a kid, this is where I needed to be – this is where I could make a difference,” Doerflin said.

Doerflin recalled when she started working in the area, she said it wasn’t the business and marketing boom it is now.

“There was no internet or anything like that,” Doerflin said. “You have to tie a balloon outside on a sign and hope it works. So that’s what I did. I sat around and bought things for myself the first year I started the business here to grow.

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What developed was Doerflin’s relationship with Lindenwald’s youth and his ability to provide for them.

“I was attracted to the kids,” Doerflin said. “I saw that they needed what I felt was the missing love. That’s why we started the annual children’s and Christmas events.

Doerflin said it’s sweeter in the sense that this Saturday will be the last Christmas event she’ll be running at Lindenwald. Doerflein has put the event together for 20 years. Joy to the Wald is in conjunction with another Christmas event in Lindenwald on the same day, Treasures of Joy Winter in the Wald.

“We had to do different things this year so we decided not to wrap the gifts for the kids because I wanted them to choose the things they wanted,” Doerflin said. “It’s not expensive stuff, but I want them to go home with something they want.”

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Doerflin said while this is the last time he will hold the Christmas event, many of the same fun things will be available for children of all ages to participate in.

Joy to the Wald will run from 11 a.m. to 3 p.m. Saturday at the Heaven Sent patio at 2221 Pleasant Avenue. There will be photos with Santa, a gift for each child, a DJ and Christmas music, a dance band, a guitarist, a bicycle raffle, a pet parade and cookies and hot chocolate.

“I just want to keep the neighborhood going,” Doerflin said. “I want it to be liked and appreciated because it should be.

“With the development and things in the Schuyler Benninghofen building, I’d like to feel like I’m not holding back or breaking something,” Doerflin added. “I’ll feel like I’m leaving something that’s growing and changing.

“With the time I’ve spent here, I know this area deserves it.”


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