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The Eagles quarterback lit up the airwaves and dazzled the nation Monday night soccer.

No, we’re not talking about Jalen Hurts, though he threw for 333 yards and a touchdown and added two more rushing scores against the Minnesota Vikings on Monday.

We’re talking Carson Wentz’s four-touchdown performance against Washington in October 2017. Now, however, Wentz is wearing burgundy and gold, and his former backup is the one who stars on the famous Monday show.

Five years ago, Wentz was just like Hurts — a promising young quarterback leading a talented team. Everyone knows the downward spiral that led to Wentz being shipped off to Indianapolis and eventually ending up as a sports villain in the US capital.

If the Eagles and their fans don’t want history to repeat itself with hurts, maybe put the brakes on the hype train, writes Mike Sielski.

— Maria McIlwain, Inquirer Sports Staff, @phillysport, [email protected].

However, Hurts turned fans into believers with Monday’s performance and even got some talking about the Super Bowl. He showed he can play at the elite level by amassing 333 passing yards. He distributed the ball to several recipients. And his running ability can transform a ballgame, as his 26-yard touchdown run was a memory maker. It says a lot about what offensive coordinator Shane Steichen called the games.

And on defense, how about Darius Slay? Two interceptions, including one he presented to James Harden, had everyone talking about how he shut down one of the league’s top receivers, Justin Jefferson. The stats show how Slay influenced Kirk Cousins ​​as he tried to go to his #1 goal.

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While the Flyers have endured tough times over the past two seasons, the organization has won two Stanley Cups over the years and seen many great players, including several Hall of Famers, wearing orange and black.

In our quest to create the definitive list of the 50 Greatest Flyers of All Time, we commissioned Olivia Reiner, Giana Han, three former Flyers beatwriters for The Inquirer, and the great Lou Nolan to create a composite list.

Here were the results.

Tell us who you think we missed and who should have cracked the top 50. Send us an email for a chance to be mentioned in the newsletter.

From the start, Phillies officials have maintained that the club could be dangerous in the postseason if Zack Wheeler and Aaron Nola are able to start Games 1 and 2 of Series 1. After Wheeler was reinstated into the rotation on Wednesday, it’s now up to the Phillies to make that happen by treating the season as if it were 160 games — and not a single day more.

The Phillies, including Bryce Harper, used their Monday off to celebrate the Eagles’ prime-time win over the Vikings.

After an 18-11 loss to the Blue Jays on Tuesday, the Phillies’ losing streak reached five games, the longest streak of the Rob Thomson era.

Next: The Phillies end their streak against Toronto at 6:45 p.m. Wednesday (NBCSP). Wheeler (11-7, 3.07 ERA) will start against Blue Jays right-hander Kevin Gausman (12-10, 3.45).

Probably nobody expected Jesús Ferreira to climb the USA men’s national team forward table, not least because until recently he was more of an attacking midfielder. But then quite a few of the US strikers found themselves in early slumps while Ferreira kept finding the net.

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However, he is not all lucky. He’s also good, and perhaps more importantly, good for manager Gregg Berhalter’s preferred scheme. Jonathan Tannenwald learns how Ferreira has stayed focused while maintaining his sanity during his rise to the top scorers chart.

Despite Berhalter’s success with the US national team last year, his selection in the squad is not out of the question. In the forward position in particular, Inquirer writers have a few questions.

Monday night flashback: On November 15, 2010, who rushed for 333 yards and four touchdowns to put the Eagles past Washington by 59-28?

The answer is B) Michael Wick. Jeff P was first with the correct answer.

We asked you: What was the most promising thing about this Eagles win? Among your answers:

It’s difficult to choose between the individual performance of Jalen Hurts and the collective performance of the Eagles defense. I was on the train to drive DC Gannon out of town after the Detroit game last week. Now I have to give credit where credit is due… the defense played great and the defense game was even! As for Jalen, he continues to grow before our eyes (“getting better every day”) and has become a true leader on this team at his young age. – Jim V

Hurts, hurts, hurts. —Brian D

It’s tight between the game of the O-Line and the lock-down defense. The D looked 100% better than last week. While the O-Line Hurts gave protection and time, the penalties for illegal procedures and O-Linemen leaving their duties and attempting to be recipients are negative.

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Looks promising for the season. — Dominik S.

The Defense and Slay — Mark R.

… In week 2 two main questions were received:

  • Can defense stiffen against a stronger team, or will it be decimated, either due to poor execution or an ineffective coordinator?

  • Can Jalen Hurts be the quarterback this team needs to keep moving the ball consistently and scoring points, especially against better defense?

There will always be questions, but the biggest questions in Week 2 were answered in an impressive, resounding way. — John C.

Hurts’ first ride was a beauty! Hurts led the Eagles decisively across the field with precise passes and a great balance of a crisp running attack. The play calling was excellent. It set the tone for the entire game. I hope players and staff watch this ride before every Eagles game to remind them of their potential greatness! —Tom B

The most promising feature of last night’s game? Hurt’s stunning composure in executing plays – and the uncanny fusion of strength and will as he drags three defenders across the goal line to score his second running TD! — Diana P

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