A Recipe demonstration on locally available raw and cooked food

These month-long programs are conducted in various Gram Panchayats to raise awareness of health and nutrition in the communities.

Angul: Pursuing its mission of Hungerfree India and Nutrition for All in the Country and aligning with Government policies, JSP Foundation, Jindal Steel & Power CSR arm in alignment with Integrated Child Development Scheme, Odisha Livelihood Mission, Panchayati Raj and Drinking Water Ministry and National Health Mission organized mega awareness event at Sanakerjanga Grampanchayat office buildings.

During the event, the awareness session was moderated by Ms. Liliy Dash, Child Development Project Officer, Banarapl, Ms. Anusaya Panda, ICDS Supervisor, Dr. Jayashree Dehury, MO I/C Badakerjang PHC & Mrs. Sunita Pal, BPM, OLM, conducted , Banarapal.

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A recipe demonstration at the locally available stand for raw and cooked healthy foods was also opened by Brig. DBPany, Vice President and Group Security Officer, SFSS.

The program was moderated by Namrata Pradhan, _ Sarpanch, Sankerjang and supported by Puspa Satapathy, GM, CSR, Dr. Sujan Mohapatra and other village leaders.

Appreciating this initiative, the villagers of Sanakerjang Panchayat also agreed to cooperate with the JSP Foundation and the government on various development initiatives.

These month-long programs are conducted in various Gram Panchayats to raise awareness of health and nutrition in the communities. Strengthening the Nutri Garden in the Anganawadi Centers is one of the priority activities during the observation of the month-long program.

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It must be noted that JSP Foundation is running a special project SNEHA to address the nutritional needs of orphaned children, children living in remote areas in Pallahara, Athamallik, Kishorenagar and Chhendipada, elderly citizens, widows and people with disabilities for their well-being to consider and healthy living.

The Kishori Express, operated by the JSP Foundation, also raises awareness of the importance of nutrition in adolescent girls. Every year, more than 30,000 girls and more than 15,000 women and children are made aware of proper nutrition, health and hygiene to stay healthy.

This program started on 09/01/2022 and runs until 09/30/2022. The aim of the program is to improve people’s nutritional status and to raise awareness of proper nutrition and healthy eating habits. On the occasion of the month, awareness programs, support of food and hygiene kits, mosquito nets for the underprivileged, recipe demonstrations using locally available food materials, etc. were carried out. The awareness program sensitizes communities to maintaining proper nutrition, healthy eating habits and the importance of hygiene to health.

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Every year, the Nutrition Mah is observed by the government for a month in September. This year the goal is to trigger Poshan Maah through Gram Panchayats as Poshan Panchayats with an emphasis on Mahila aur Swasthya (Woman and Health) and Bacha aur Shiksha (Child and Education).

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