A promising study published on the role of multivitamins and mental cognition – Daily Breeze

Research demonstrating the role of multivitamins in promoting health and preventing disease has been largely lacking, at least until now. There are no general health guidelines suggesting that the general public should take dietary supplements such as multivitamins. However, a new study showed promising results on the relationship between daily multivitamin and mineral supplementation and cognition in older adults.

This three-year, randomized, double-blind study was published this month in Alzheimer’s & Dementia found that taking a daily multivitamin may improve cognition and provide health benefits for people with a history of cardiovascular disease. In fact, those who took a multivitamin daily experienced 60 percent, or 1.8 years, slower cognitive aging compared to those who took a placebo during the study period.

Researchers believe there is an urgent need for preventive interventions and effective strategies to preserve cognitive function associated with Alzheimer’s disease and related dementia. With Alzheimer’s and dementia affecting more than 46 million people worldwide, this is an important public health priority.

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While this study alone may not change current dietary and medicinal practices, it is likely to spur further important studies into preventive interventions for cognitive health.

Certain B vitamins, vitamin D, choline, iron and iodine have a neuroprotective effect and can improve mental performance. At the same time, antioxidants like vitamins C, E, A, zinc, selenium, lutein, and zeaxanthin help protect against oxidative stress associated with mental decline. While a healthy, balanced diet can provide these nutrients, supplements, including multivitamins and minerals, can help fill nutritional gaps. A registered dietitian can help you determine if your diet pattern is missing important nutrients.

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