8th Congressional District: Yadira Caraveo

Surname: Yadira Caraveo

Yadira Caraveo, Democratic nominee for Congressional District 8.
Yadira Caraveo, Democratic nominee for Congressional District 8.

Website: caraveoforcongress.com

Age: 41

Family: Parents who still live in Adams County and three siblings.

How long have you lived in Adams County: When I was little, my parents moved to Adams County and I grew up here. I have lived in Thornton for the past nine years since returning from residency.

Professional background: pediatrician

Political/Community Experience: Current State Legislature, HD-31

Education: Northglenn High School (C’99); Regis University (C’03); Medical degree from the University of Colorado School of Medicine (C’09)

What do you think are the most pressing environmental issues and how would you work on them? address them if they are elected?: As a pediatrician, I see many children in the clinic struggling with severe asthma caused by poor air quality. Our communities are being impacted by the realities of climate change, and children of color in particular are getting sick from air pollution and the aftermath of heavy industry. Thousands of families in CD-8 are also employed in the energy industry – and those paychecks and jobs are important parts of our community here. We must face up to climate change and reduce pollution. In the Legislature, I’ve worked to give local communities more say in what types of industries they want near homes and schools. In Congress, I will advocate that we prepare our children to benefit from the next wave of high-paying renewable energy jobs.

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The 8th congressional district has the largest percentage of Hispanic or Latino people in the state residents. If elected, how will you seek to represent this demographic?: I am Latina and would be the first Latina ever elected to a federal office in Colorado. I grew up in Colorado’s Latino community in CD-8, and Spanish was my first language. I know well the needs and struggles of the Latino community and all the things that make our community special. My parents are working class, and my father raised four children to college on a construction worker’s salary. In Congress, I will work to cut costs, support small businesses, make health care more affordable and accessible, and continue to fight to reduce the pollution that makes our children sick.

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How did talking to voters during the campaign affect your priorities?: I have always believed that legislative priorities must come from the community. As a legislator, I received community feedback from the Latino community in my first campaign and successfully passed Expanded Multilingual Voting Access in Colorado. This year I’ve heard from many families about the importance of cutting costs. Since June, I’ve also heard from many women their deep concerns about being deprived of the right to make decisions about their own bodies — and their concerns about what rights will be taken away next.

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