5 biggest negatives for the Commanders vs Eagles

Now on a two-game losing streak, the Washington Commanders are hoping to find the winning formula for their opening day against the Dallas Cowboys this week.

The Washington Commanders hit a new low Sunday after a humiliating home loss to their City of Brotherly Love division rivals, the Philadelphia Eagles. The fans are filled with anger, frustration and sheer disbelief. After an inspirational comeback win in the first game of the season, Commanders have simply been overwhelmed and overwhelmed for the past two weeks.

In Sunday’s home game against the Eagles, Burgundy and Gold produced an unforgettable second quarter and that quarter of an hour dictated the result – a 24-8 embarrassment. As painful as it is, we’re down to our five negatives for the week. The grades will be fair. The analysis will be honest. The tears will keep flowing. We also have a prediction for the next game.

5 negatives for the commanders in week 3

1. Our first downside this week is the offensive line, especially the center. Wes Schweitzer is an excellent stand-in, but his snaps consistently hampered Sunday’s offense. The line gave up an amazing nine sacks and quarterback Carson Wentz had numerous problems throughout the afternoon — it’s entirely on the offensive line.

2. coaching It has to be mentioned. The team failed to perform in the first half of the Lions game. The team struggled a lot in the second quarter on Sunday. For three quarters, Washington beat the Eagles 8-0. However, they were beaten 24-0 in the second quarter. Nine sacks. defensive breakdowns. Failure to set the challenge flag in time. There is a lack of leadership from the coaching staff and that is our second minus.

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3. The defensive secondary is our third negative for the week. Regularly giving up big passing plays has doomed Washington for the past two weeks. Kendall Fuller made rookie mistakes. Rookie Christian Holmes has received multiple training. The team was missing an injured William Jackson this week, but that’s no excuse. Note that the cornerback is a priority in the 2023 draft.

4. For the second straight week, offseason planning contributed to these losses and can still be corrected. It’s time to sign guard Ereck Flowers and safety/linebacker Landon Collins. It won’t fix the problems on either side of the ball, but signing both players would help at this point.

5. Washington’s fifth negative this week is something a little unusual for our weekly analysis – outside distractions. An inappropriate “hit-piece” aimed at Carson Wentz before the game, and the constant negativity directed at him by the media is certainly grossly overstated. Unfortunately, it won’t end based on specific narratives.

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Additional negatives: Rushing Offense, FedEx Field Visit, Carson Wentz, Red Zone Offense.

Scores for Commanders vs. Detroit

  • Quarterbacks Class: C
  • Running Backs Class: C
  • Tight ends – class: f
  • Wide receiver class: C+
  • Offensive Line Degree: f
  • Line of Defense – Grade: C+
  • Linebacker Class: C
  • Cornerbacks Grade: f
  • Collateral Class: D
  • Special teams – class: A
  • Trainer – Class: f

Commanders should address these issues

  • The red zone offense failed to score a touchdown on two red zone visits in the second half. A late touchdown was too little, too late.
  • The defensive secondary remains a liability. Simple adjustments can be made. St-Juste was to play on the outside from that day on. Bobby McCain should switch to the slot. Move Darrick Forrest deeper for two deep safety sets on obvious passing downs. Get Kendall Fuller to safety.
  • The front office needs to realize that Eagles and Cowboys fans tend to pack FedEx Field for home games. Team personnel should be stationed throughout the DMV from Monday to Wednesday and tickets for these two games should be sold at a massive discount each year. Parking fees are also to be waived for both games. It’s time to use home field advantage for something.
  • Here’s another solid suggestion:

Commander’s Next Game Prediction, Final Thoughts

Washington arrives Sunday to face the Dallas Cowboys. A season start with 0:2 in the division is quite possible.

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Cowboys 27 Commanders 21

Many fans are demanding the dismissal of the coaching staff. At the very least, head coach Ron Rivera seems to be the main target. That’s like saying the season is over and nothing could be further from the truth. It’s time for a chill pill.

Commanders need a win – it can heal so much of what ails a team. We’ll be back for more of this next week but hopefully with better results. I’ll see you when we move on.