3 Ways Tech Can Simplify Business Travel

After the pandemic hit in 2020, business travel spending dropped by 52% compared to pre-pandemic levels. Now that business travel is back on track in 2023, corporate travelers expect more from their travel experiences – more convenience, fewer headaches, and more efficient ways to stay organized in transit.

Fortunately, business travel technology is improving the safety, convenience, and costs of business travel. In particular, mobile apps like Google Maps, City Mapper, and Expensify help business travelers plan and navigate their business trips.

Business Travel Technology

Other apps, such as TripIt or Apple Wallet, reduce the burden of carrying luggage and help travelers consolidate travel documents. In addition, contactless hotel check-in reduces the number of surfaces touched by other people, which is especially important in light of recent events.

By taking advantage of today’s technological tools, travelers and companies alike can enhance the business travel experience in many ways.

Recent travel experience

As the travel industry continues to recover from the pandemic, the perfect day to travel can seem a bit confusing. However, we can probably all agree that a first-class seat, high-speed Internet, safety, and delicious accommodations make for a positive travel experience.

It is important to understand that business travel is a benefit that not everyone is surprised about; These experiences can make or break your retention rate. For example, 62% of UK-based business travelers were dissatisfied with their business travel expectations, and 28% admitted they would leave if the pace continued. In this context, relying on online travel technology is essential to keep your travel recruiters as happy as possible.

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Strategies to simplify business travel

Business leaders are changing how their companies plan business travel by implementing new protocols including online travel tools. Using these tools will enable company executives to travel without unnecessary stress.

While there may be no such thing as a perfect business travel experience, there are technological tools that can make business travel easier and better. Here are a few ways business leaders can improve the travel experience:

1. Use online travel technology for batch booking.

Gone are the days of forcing employees to find their flights and book accommodations with their credit cards (with the company providing payment upon return). Your HR executive or assigned travel agent can easily make plans with technology that organizes bookings, travel destinations and itineraries.

Apps like Airbnb for Work can be linked to your company profile and will make it easy for your finance team to get all the information they need. If you decide to hire a travel agent, most have 24/7 help centers available for urgent travel requests, and some even partner with currency exchange services to help you navigate that too. Whether it’s your internal HR team or an external agent, travel planning technology is worth the investment.

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2. Consider technology that saves time and money.

One of the biggest headaches of business travel involves having a destination-specific currency for international travel. However, you can use tools to deliver destination-specific currency to the office in advance of travel so your employees don’t have to wait in line at airport kiosks or pay fees at ATMs—which will ultimately save your company money, too. do

Some companies even offer free cash back, complete with reusable envelopes and unnecessary bank trips. Help your employees save business time to maximize their travels (and maybe even have time for fun!).

3. Use technology that prioritizes safety.

Safe travel should always be a priority, especially when it comes to booking transfers and car services in big cities with busy airports and long waiting times. To save money on executive car services and find safer cars, use ride-hailing services instead of private town cars. Uber, for example, has a “black car” option that ensures executives have access to professional drivers with new luxury cars.

Your team can also use various safety apps such as Citta Travel Safe to track safety risks around the world. Additionally, the app can alert your team about natural disasters, disease outbreaks, violence and more.

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Make it easy

Personally, taking care of safety first gave me a deep sense of peace – especially traveling to countries for the first time when language and customs are already a barrier.

Back with a business trip, now is the time for innovation. With the right business travel technology, the business travel experience can be safer and easier for you and your team members. Make the most of your business trips with the right tools so your team members feel happy and secure knowing they are being taken care of.

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