26 Cheap Black Friday Doodads Available on Amazon Before Cyber Monday

Every Black Friday and Cyber ​​Monday The client has a mission. Some have lists of gifts they want, others are patient bargain hunters waiting for a particularly expensive item to drop. And then there are people like me who just want a litany of cheap duds and gadgets. I click “Add to Cart” on every little thing I find cool and then call in my checkout page view. These are the best Amazon gadgets you can find cheap this Black Friday weekend.

If you have more than one Purchasing strategywe have a list of the best overall Amazon is having Cyber ​​Monday deals (with some Amazon device special deals). We’ve also found great deals on it the goal, Walmart and Best buy. And here’s our list of the best deals you can find anywhere.

But if you are looking for just one White elephant gift, Storage items Or something small to treat yourself to — and you’ve got a hole or $20 in your pocket — read on for a truly random collection of Amazon deals that will make you click “Add to Cart.”

We’ve all suffered the indignity of getting ketchup on our pants while on the road. Never again — these dip holders snap right into your car windows.

Remember the popularity of Lip Smucker-type bags? Amazon’s got an eight-pack of Coca-Cola flavors (including Fanta Trifecta) for less than $1 a tube.

A stylish way to hold your phone while multitasking, this handheld phone stand comes in four colors, but only the Wizard of Oz-esque ruby ​​red pair makes it affordable.

Like the Magna Doodle for the digital age, this tablet can be drawn, erased and redrawn ad infinitum. No messy crayons or paper pads needed. And you can even convince your little one that it’s their iPad.

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This product sounds great until you start a late-night conversation with an angry toddler. You don’t have to live like this!

In this hyper-connected world, you can never have enough smart plugs. Get one for every kitchen appliance and you can set up your own automatic breakfast routine, just like you always thought about the future.

Fido also deserves a gift. This dog toy vibrates and glows in the dark, the perfect combination for pets who want to keep their owners from getting prying eyes.

You’ll save more than you spend in this colorful bento box container, which includes plastic cutlery, two stackable compartments and promises to liven up your sad table salad.

A travel must-have: This ultraportable personal fan doubles as a flashlight and backup phone battery. And you can charge it via USB.

This reusable goo gets into all the cracks and crevices of those hard-to-clean places like computer keyboards and car consoles.

You don’t have to be a kid to love the idea of ​​a password-protected piggy bank. This mini ATM-style safe comes in a dozen colors and stores both paper money and coins.

It’s finally time to start that journaling exercise you’ve been thinking about. With a rainbow of shades in the satisfying 0.38-mm tips, these pens are a great way to jump on it. The Pill Journal A pre-New Year’s resolution.

The Christmas party only increases when you trade in “stones” for “a piece of ice like a tree ornament.” This two-pack of ice cube molds makes two different ornament shapes, which, it should go without saying, will work for non-alcoholic beverages as well.

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Forget hot coffee. Those in the know celebrate the iced coffee season year-round. This amazing gadget will You save a few stars a dayand it doesn’t take up a ton of counter space either.

With so many colors, you can paint a lot on your fingers. The only limiting factor here is hand steadiness and craftsmanship, which Amazon doesn’t seem to have on sale. Click the coupon to get the full discount for 20% off.

no one requirements Another blank notebook. But three empty notebooks are another story. In some ways, buying a discarded hardcover journal is the ultimate impulse buy because it holds the potential for a new beginning, the key to unlocking our hopes and dreams as we prepare to turn a new page on the calendar.

Hang just about anything behind your car’s headrest with these simple organizer hooks, which come in a pack of four. These hooks will be especially useful for people who always seem to take a back seat with shopping bags.

We have said it before, and we will say it again: d Tamagotchi is the perfect white elephant gift. It’s just a fun little nostalgia story that will only cost you a few bucks and probably more hours of your life than you intended.

It shreds, it shreds, it spiralizes… The only thing this vegetable prep kitchen gadget doesn’t do is bring tears to your eyes when it’s working on onions.

You might look a little gray with this battery-powered cooling device around your neck, but you sure will feeling cool.

These LED lights are festive enough for Christmas, but you might want to keep them for an extra dose of unusual hygge throughout the winter. With 200 individual lights, this 66-foot stand is safe for indoor and outdoor use.

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It’s the only way you and your BFF can make sure you don’t accidentally switch sips while sipping from the same cotton-candy martinis: drink markers that hang on the side of your glass so you Know at a glance which one is yours. These cute little guys come in six packs, each with a different colored tail and mane.

After discount, this card game for kids is 36% off the usual price.

Take the bathroom clutter out of the bathroom and reach for this wall-mounted organizer instead. This thing has more than just toothbrushes, with a small makeup drawer and slots for a water cup too. It even has a built-in toothpaste dispenser.

When you’re making pasta or trying to strain fat, this nifty gadget is a wonderful time saver. No need to pull out a cooler anymore. Just clip it to the edge of your pan and it acts like a colander to strain out the liquid without losing your delicious food.

It’s totally sweater season, and if you want those sweaters to look white, you’ll want to pick this cute little sweater. It has three settings, so you can adjust it depending on the type of fabric. It’s also addictive: Once you start cutting those pieces of fuzz and lint, it’s hard to stop.

For more Cyber ​​Monday deals, check out our List of items currently at lowest prices. We also found a group Best Buy Deals That Beat Amazon.


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